The Unplug Initiative

Plug back in to you Dana Atkin Kinesiology

I’ve decided that now is the time to unplug.

While the universe has certainly given me some unplugging it’s self (jobs, places and people), I think – no – I FEEL like it’s time for some unplugging initiative.

I’m going to begin with a Facebook Fast. This by far is my biggest rival for my attention. I tend to use it when I know I should be concentrating on myself. I look to others lives, to more ads about more external influences about how to better myself and my business and I look for the sake of looking when really I need to look within and cultivate my own energy.

When I plug into everything else outside of me, I leave no energy or attention for me or my spirit and wonder why I feel so low.

So, I’ll begin with seven days away from my number one distractor. I shall take on a Facebook Fast for seven days to see how well I can plug back into my own being, into my own life and to feel what changes take place within.

What do you need a detox from? What would plugging back into you and your real life look like? How would it change you?

Want more information about unplugging? Try calling your energy back.

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