A blank page and a blog a day

I’ve been talking a lot about writing more. I’ve been talking more about writing than I have been actually writing.

Partly because I have an idea in mind of what I’d like to create yet I can’t quite get to typing. I think it’s because I fear I may not have enough to say on the topic. What if I begin and the words run out? What if I begin and I’ve said all I need to say in one chapter? What if I begin and it doesn’t stop?

I’ve not been trained in writing, I’ve just always had a bit of a knack for it. Greeting cards and brochures and informative pieces as well as self-help style. But there’s something big about setting out to write a book that daunts a writer like myself who often times has to sit for a good while before a Monday Mantra comes to me. Yet sometimes, I only need to open a blog post and the words stream out of me like it was sitting there all along or like the words were waiting to be picked up from the ether and placed into three dimensional form.

If I think too much about it, the words stop and crickets chirp. If I lay my hands on the keyboard and simply begin, the words fall out.

So here’s a thought, instead of setting out to write a book, I shall set out to write a “blog post” per day and allow that to form the book that sits in the back of my mind. I may publish one here and there as I feel called to do so but mostly I’ll keep them cocooned and  incubating until it’s fully formed, fully transformed.

So if you too have had a little idea toying with you and you find that you’re putting it off then perhaps writing your book as a series of Blogs instead of chapters may assist in making it a more realistic goal and if it’s more realistic then it’s not so scary to begin.

So begin.


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