Human Too: The Never Ending Onion

Never Ending Onion Human Too

I often have clients come in and when they explain what’s going on, I know instinctively what they need in terms of a goal to work with in their Kinesiology session. They often wonder how I am so wise to know exactly what they need and how I know so much about everything their body is going through.

Here’s how I know. I’m human too.

Yes, I’ve done lots of work on myself and it may appear like I’ve got it all together but I still find myself working on old issues that I feel like I’ve been working on forever. It’s like I work on one level then the next priority level shows up for me to look at.

Often, and you’ll hear this from so many people, what ever it is that you struggle with or that you need to heal in yourself is often the very thing you can help people with yourself.

I can’t help people with boundaries for instance if I’m not constantly working through my own boundary issues. I can’t help people with self-confidence or money or presentation skills or starting their own business if I myself have not and are not continually working on these aspects myself. Would you take lessons in guitar for instance from someone who was just a natural and never really had to work at it? Do you think they’d fully comprehend what it takes to learn to read the sheet music? or the frustration that comes when you feel like you’re no good at it and you might as well throw in the towel now? or the elation that comes when you finally get that tune down without having to think about it so intently?

It’s human to be working through something on some level at any given point in time. Your practitioners know what you need because they have the answers, yes. And they have the answers because they’ve been there before. They’re human too.


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