I choose to look on the bright side

Easier said than done for some in the madness, the crowds, the endless social engagements and work wrap-ups underway. It’s easy to get frustrated at the lack of car parks at shopping centres, the tiresome pursuit of the perfect gift and at the family always being on your back about something that you either have or haven’t done.

It sometimes helps to put things in perspective.

  1. Aren’t we lucky we have a car to go do the shopping in?
  2. Aren’t we lucky that we have money to buy our loved ones gifts this holiday season?
  3. Aren’t we lucky to have our family with us for christmas another year?
  4. Arent we lucky we have homes to go to?
  5. Aren’t we lucky that we are welcomed into lovely homes for Christmas breakfast, Christmas lunch and dinners?
  6. Aren’t we lucky that we have friends to catch up with?
  7. Aren’t we lucky that we have a job to wrap things up for before the holidays?
  8. Aren’t we lucky?!

So for those of you who still have a few last bits and pieces to pick up before Christmas day or still have a number of social commitments or are working down to the wire, remember that if we choose to see it from the bright side, the days will indeed be light.



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