In pursuit of extraordinary

ExtraOrdinary Dana Atkin Kinesiology

Funny how when we imagine it all coming together that we imagine the results being extraordinary. Not okay, not great, extraordinary.

And then we pursue extraordinary. we pursue it like it’s our destiny, like it’s meant to be. We were always destined for greatness.

When we fall short of our perceived greatness, we’re hard on ourselves, we throw in the towel or we think we have to go back to square one and begin again.

Here’s the thing. What if our perception of extraordinary is not quite right? What if extraordinary is extraordinary? What if the real magic, the real greatness lies in the everyday, ordinary tasks? Doing the dishes, hanging out the washing, and going to the gym?

What if our greatness is determined by our day to day rituals? Who’s to say that this is not the extraordinary we crave? Because often our version of extraordinary includes circumstances outside of ourselves when really the feeling we seek of being  extraordinary can only really be found inside.

So when you look to external things, like being a famous writer, a famous chef, or amazing actor, remember that these in them selves are ordinary. You are already extraordinary and these labels, these passions, these things, all exist outside of yourself. It is you adds the extraordinary to them.

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