Photosynthesis – Reaching for the Light

Reach for the light Dana Atkin Kinesiology


Amazing things, trees. They begin as a seed, packed deep beneath the earth’s surface. Slowly, they are fed and nurtured and eventually, they break through the barrier of soil and pop out into the open air where they are greeted with rain, sunshine and wind. And no matter the weather, they are constantly growing. Ever building, ever-changing, ever reaching for the light. For it’s the light that helps them grow – it’s the light that keeps them moving upward. Even in storms, the light can cast over them in such a way that makes them look majestic. Their leaves even sparkle with the rain.

When you next feel like the world is not so great, like your day has been less than fabulous and you’re not sure how many more storms you can weather. Consider making like a tree and reaching for the light. The lighter thoughts, the lighter feelings, being lighter on yourself and being lighter on those around you. simply seeking out the light can make a world of difference in your life and it can literally make you grow and move you onward and upward. There are new birds to sing with, new shelter for you to give and new life to give. All you need to do is make a conscious choice to look for all the light filled things, people and situations in your life and things will naturally grow bigger, better and brighter for the more light you reach for, the more light you’ll see.



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