Getting to the Right Station

A client of mine mentioned a quote to me and i’ve used it a lot recently with other clients because the message has been the same across the board.

“Sometimes you need to take the wrong train to get the right station”

I can resonate with this because as a business owner, in order to develop my business, I took on some additional contract work (not in the health field) to help some projects along. While it felt like i was betraying my “station” of Kinesiology and helping people transform their lives, I have actually landed on a great train where i have learnt a lot that I can apply to my Kinesiology projects. Including putting together training materials, interacting with people and personalities I wouldn’t normally get interact with and creating a team environment. That said, I get lots of opportunities to promote Kinesiology too in small, seemingly insignificant ways but i’m here to transform lives – even if it’s on a very subtle level.

The point is that even if you feel like you’re taking a wrong turn or taking the “wrong train”, it doesn’t mean that you don’t get to the right station. Maybe there’s another station where someone is waiting for the expertise you hold to get there in order to build the right station. Sometimes, It just means that you get to pick up some new friends, some new tools and new experiences to make you into the person who will relish the “right station” in the right way, not if but when you get there.

Yes, the destination matters but so does the train you choose to take to get there in ways you may not understand fully until you’re well into the journey.

Happy travelling!

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