Monday Mantra:: It’s Only Resistance That Makes Me Measure


This little mantra comes from Abraham Hicks work. It’s a line that jumped out at me a few weeks back that I incidentally wrote up on our kitchen whiteboard but erased soon after. Today, I find myself pondering it a little more.

To be honest, I’m not sure what it means for me yet. I’ve just become aware that of late, I have been comparing myself against other people, I have been measuring myself in terms of weight, in terms of ability, in terms of just about everything really. With this in mind, I thought it would be a great monday mantra to share with you all.

Is there somewhere in your life that you are measuring yourself against others? or against yourself? And if so, what is it that you are resisting that is making you measure?

I myself am going to ponder this mantra a little more over the next week to see what answers lie in it for me.


PS – for those of you who read my last monday mantra, I’ve actually put weight on and I suspect that this is because I haven’t put out enough spiritual knowledge yet and also why this week’s monday mantra is playing on my mind.


As always, download and save to your desktop or phone or print it and pin it somewhere you’ll see it. When you see it, say it. And if you know someone who would also benefit from this mantra, share it.

3 responses to “Monday Mantra:: It’s Only Resistance That Makes Me Measure”

  1. Weight never has anything to do with food, that’s the bizarre truth of it. Food is only incidental. And
    people only keep doing weird shit if they are getting something out of it. The question is what.

    So, a productive question to ask oneself is, “What would I be giving up if I lost weight? What would be the most uncomfortable thing about having the body I desire?” A quick visualization of one’s ideal appearance usually dredges up any contingent unpleasant emotions.

    A lot of people get stuck in ill health when they don’t feel ready to move forward in life. The illness gives them an excuse to stop everything and tend to it. Peripheral health problems related to weight can be excuses to tend to the self and apply self love for those selfless types who don’t feel they can just do it out of the blue “for no reason.”

    Weight can be a way to become socially invisible if someone’s not ready for a romantic relationship. It’s been called a psychic shield for intuitive types but I believe it serves more of a social buffer than a true physical one for various perceived energies. It can even be a self-imposed handicap for people who are afraid of success and their own power, especially women.

    When beliefs about the self are changed, the body changes, too, and rather quickly and effortlessly. The only real work is to change the belief–but that’s often the hardest thing people ever do in life. It requires dedicated awareness and focus and that seems to be quantum physics to most. If only they knew how simple it really is.

  2. Exactly! – I agree.

    It can also be a little of the whole “I need reassurance/approval from someone (or something) outside of me”.

    Weightloss is certainly a fascinating and intricate field.

  3. I recommend getting rid of your scale and just going by your clothes and how you feel. It’s tempting to focus on numbers as a rule of measurement, we’re taught this from a very young age. But your well-being is not a number, it cannot be measured that way, it can only be felt.

    Put your scale out of reach for three months and give yourself just one goal for that time period: to feel good. Be as eager, energetic, and giggly as you can get every single day about whatever’s in front of you. If, at the end of those three months, you still want to assign yourself a number, get out the scale.

    But I doubt you’ll even want to. Which is kinda the point.

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