Don’t Think… Feel (and then think)


The client theme of the week this week has been: Don’t think… feel (and then think).

I used to love the Beautiful Noise album by Neil Diamond. And one song on that album in particular I loved was “Don’t Think… Feel”. I loved all the “old stuff” growing up. This week, all of my clients have had some version of this theme going on for them. Letting the thoughts get in the way of knowing or feeling what it is that they really want.

I have to say that a majority of my clients come in with over thinking concerns. Often presenting as anxiety, the tendency to over think things and allow the mind to run away with you (often to the worst case scenario) is very common.

Even though each of my clients this week has come in to see me to work on something very different, they have all been over thinking decisions that, while the practical sides need to be looked at, ultimately need to be made by their heart.

Once the heart is set on something, then you can work out the practicalities of how to get there.

1. What does your head say about the decision?
2. What does your heart say about the decision?
3. If the heart doesn’t agree with the head, is there any way that the head can devise a plan to meet the heart half way?

Feel what the right answer is, then think about how you can practically make it happen.


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