Giving is the same as receiving

This was the healing attitude I needed at my last Kinesiology session. Giving is the same as receiving. I was working on building my client list at the new clinic space which seemed stagnant, unlike my other clinics.

Since that balance, I have used this almost like a mantra and the more I use it, the more I see how giving is becoming receiving.

A lot of things have shifted for us over the last few weeks (and most certainly in the last few days) that initially have been less than easy to deal with.But looking at it through the eyes of giving is the same as receiving, I can see how these events have allowed myself and my beloved to receive.

  1. By jumping in and getting what needs to be done completed so that there is less stress for others, I have received the gift of a nice tidy house AND an action zone which is overflowing into other areas of my life.
  2. By giving space to someone, we have allowed ourselves to receive some assistance towards our dream.
  3. By giving my attention to my body and energy levels, I have allowed myself to receive more clients.

Where in your life could you apply this healing attitude of giving is the same as receiving?

Happy giving, happy receiving xxx


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