Monday Mantra:: I Allow Others to Tell Their Story

You know when you need to talk about something, and you finally get up the courage to talk about it and before you’ve even scratched the surface of your story, someone chimes in with a “well, when I ……” or “that’s like when I……”? It feels pretty horrible doesn’t it? Especially when you’ve been holding on to your story for so long and it’s taken you days, weeks, months or years to muster up the courage to tell it.

Today’s mantra is all about allowing others to tell their story without feeling like you need to give your version of a similar story, without needing to provide a one-upmanship version of your own similar story and without jumping in with a solution.

Sometimes, the biggest gift we can give someone is the space to talk about what they need to talk about, without having someone chime in to fix it, without interruption and without judgement.

If you yourself have something you need to talk about, prefix it with a “I need to talk about something but I need to get it all out so if you could just sit and listen until I’ve got it all out, I’d be so grateful.”

Today, allow others to tell their story.


As always, download the image and save it to your phone screen, desktop or pin it somewhere. When you see it, say it and if you think that someone you know could benefit from this mantra, share it.Monday-Mantra-allow others to tell their story


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