Bippity Boppity Boo

This is exactly what a Kinesiology session can be like. It can transform you inside and out. When you shift a belief, shift a perception or come to a new awareness about your life, both you and your life is transformed.

This week, I came to an awareness (more like a revelation) that what I was experiencing around me, my work life, my finances, my health, my relationship was a direct reflection of how I feel about myself. Which actually set of a chain reaction of other awarenesses. Of patterns that have been present throughout my entire life. They seem like everyday things but when looked at as a whole story, paint a themed picture of how I feel about me and a key lesson that I need to work through.

Coming to these awarenesses gives me that opportunity to work on them.

What patterns are present in your life? What common themes, events, reactions pop up time after time that might give you an opportunity to discover something about yourself?

Awarenesses are the catalyst for remarkable transformations.
Awareness is the catalyst for a remarkable transformation

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