Being Your Own Hero

Being Your Own Hero Dana Atkin Kinesiology Combo

When I grow up, I want to be my own hero, with amazing superpowers. And a cape.

Actually, most of the time I am my own hero with superpowers (no cape yet). Sometimes though, I forget that I can be my own hero. Sometimes it’s because life happens and pulls my focus away from my own hero abilities. Sometimes, I get so caught up in helping my clients and the people around me that I forget to look after myself in the ways I know I can. Sometimes I choose other people to be my hero and sometimes, I just forget. That’s okay because underneath the cape, we’re all human.

What if I told you that each person can choose to be their own hero?  What if I told you that every one of us has a super power to go with our personal hero status too? What if I told you that this superpower was available to you right now and you could use it to make your life happier, healthier and more fulfilling?

We all have this superpower. It comes standard with being your own hero. But like being your own hero, this superpower gets forgotten, it gets buried under the “must do’s”, under the “have to’s” and all of the “should’s”.  It gets cast aside almost too easily and Sometimes, we don’t use it as well as we could Yet, it’s the single most powerful superpower any human can ever have. This power needs to be harnessed and utilised in the right way for us as individuals in order for it to have a positive influence over our lives.

I am talking about CHOICE.

Everyone has the power to choose. What to wear today, which way to go to work, what to have for lunch and the list goes on. We also have the power to choose what kind of life we want, what career we would like and how we respond to what life sends our way.

Not choosing is also a choice. If you let “life” or “destiny” or other people to make the choice for you then how empowered to do you feel? My guess is, not very empowered at all.  You’ll start to feel like life is just happening to you and that you’re not actually living it.

So how do you become your own hero? We start by harnessing our own superpower. Start by practicing with the “small” stuff.

What do you want to do this weekend?
Choose something (note: “I don’t know, whatever” = choosing to do nothing) I too am guilty of this one.

Where do you want to go for dinner Friday night?
Choose a restaurant.

What do you want to do while you’re on holiday? 
Choose an activity.

And when you’re ready, start looking at some bigger items such as:

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Choose a path that you want to follow.

How do you want to get on that path? 
How you get there is completely up to you (note I was in my very late twenties when I chose what I wanted to be when I grew up – it is never too late to change paths).

We make choices every day yet somehow we don’t always value them as highly as we could or we don’t give them conscious thought.

You can make choices that lead you to a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life – you can be your own hero and save your own world. You can even wear a cape if you choose to.

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