3 Steps to Get Closer to Achieving Your Goals

Okay, so we’re heading into the “festive” season (some would argue that most of the stores have been there for a good few weeks now). Most people sigh when they’re reminded that Christmas is just around the corner. This is typically because somewhere deep inside us, we’re thinking “where did that year go?”, “what happened to all those things I was going to do this year?”, “Argh, I didn’t achieve any of my goals. Again.”.

As a Kinesiologist, I work with goals all day, every day. It’s often very surprising what holds us back from achieving our goals and is often not what we think it is.

Given that we’re heading towards the end of the year when most people like to set goals for the new year, I’ve put together a basic 3 step program to help get you on your way to achieving your goals in 2014.

I’m making this one available only to my newsletter subscribers so make sure you sign up now to get access to the series. The first of the series will be launching on Monday 25th November – make sure you’re on the list for success.

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