Stress Management

some easy tips to manage stress
some easy tips to manage stress… Click on the image to read the full article.How do you manage stress? I see clients all the time coming in with anxiety and stress and it’s amazing how little people know and understand about stress and what it does to your body. Find out more in the article by clicking on the image to see a larger, readable version.

Relax and enjoy.

3 responses to “Stress Management”

  1. Thank you for your feedback.

    When I write my posts, I am often in the ‘zone’ and as a result spelling is not a top priority – the content comes first.

    I am currently in process of back-tracking through my posts to correct spelling.

  2. I love watching dog at parks off the lead. It’s like they grin from ear to ear as if it’s the best thing on earth. Can’t help but grin 🙂

  3. Great little article! My favourite methods to get back into a stress-free frame of mind are number 2 and 3. Specially if I can do both at the same time – jogging with my silly puppy who makes me chuckle with his antics!

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