take a mini-holiday

Dana Atkin Kinesiology Melbourne Island Holiday

In these days of “go, go, go”, it can be less than easy to get away for break. Now that we are in winter  (in Australia that is), it’s an increasing need to chase the sun for many.
Here’s a quick, cost-effective way you can chase the sun this winter.

  1. Place your hand across your forehead
  2. Place your other hand at the base of your skull (on the back of your head)
  3. Close your eyes (after you’ve read the next few steps of course)
  4. Imagine you’re laying on beach, on a warm, blue sky day with the sun beaming
  5. Feel the weight of your body in the banana lounge, or on a towel in the sand
  6. Feel the warmth of the sun on your skin
  7. Feel the gentle summer breeze
  8. Feel the sand beneath your feet and in your toes
  9. If you feel so inclined feel the ice-cool cocktail glass in your hand or the weight of a good book (or both)
  10. Smell the saltiness of the breeze
  11. Hear the sound of the water gently lapping the shore
  12. Hear the slight rustle of the palm trees flickering in the breeze
  13. immerse yourself fully into this tropical island get-away
  14. When you’re ready, gently open your eyes and rest your arms

By no means is it as great as the real thing but it tricks your body into thinking you’ve just been on a mini-break and in days where you feel you need a holiday most, this may just be what the doctor ordered and tie you over until you can take that holiday.

*Note: This also works for what ever your safe space or ideal holiday is. Simply notice how you feel, what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can hear in your space and your body calms you down as you would normally feel in that place.

Actually going on a holiday?
Follow this exercise exactly when you find yourself in that ideal relaxed state on your holiday (if you can, take an actual photo too – see one I took for myself and use often). Repeat all the steps only, this time, you’re just going to notice how you feel, what you can see, what you can feel, what you can hear etc. Then, when you’re back home you can use this technique to “plug-in” to that exact feeling. It will be made all the easier because you’ve actually lived it! PLUS you’ll now have that photo. Place that photo in a space where you feel you most need to be reminded to relax. Simply looking at this photo will conjure up those warm, relaxed feeling.

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