expression and wellbeing

Holding stuff in causes our body stress and eventually, if you ignore your human need for expression, your body will express these for you, one way or another. It can be through lack of sleep, regular illness, unhealthy skin, weight gain or weight loss, just to name a few. Get those words out, before your body does it for you.

Expression need not be with words if words are not your forte. Take the beautiful Iris for instance, who does not talk. She is  3 and a half years old and she is a fabulous artist who uses her art to express herself in a 3 dimensional way. In a way in which her whole body is integrated into the movement of her expression. You can see her art here: Iris Grace Painting and a brief news article on the way she has taken the art world by storm here: Iris Grace News Article

Take pen to paper, take running shoes to pavement or hands to stitching needles and express yourself! You’re body will thankyou for it.

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