honouring where you’re at

I received an email from a client today, cancelling her appointment with me and asking me to give her a call to discuss.  It was an unusual occurrence so I called asap to see what they might need to talk to me about.

When they spoke, they mentioned that they were not ready. This is not the first time I’ve received this comment from a client. But the fact that they wanted to reassure me (the practitioner who tends to do all the reassuring) that they got a lot out of the session and that the feedback was positive, they are just not ready to look at some of the issues that were coming up for her during her Kinesiology balance was fabulous.

Now, ordinarily, when someone just doesn’t book back in, or does and cancels, I don’t always get feedback (good or otherwise) so it can be less than easy to not get caught up in trying to work out “why?” or trying to work out how to improve my sessions. When people give me the courtesy of telling my why, it makes me really appreciate them, regardless of whether or not they become a permanent client.

In this particular instance, the fact that they spoke to me first hand and that their reasons (beyond not being ready) were in line with what we were working on in the first place, says to me that they are already making progress. I couldn’t be prouder! Honouring where you’re at is so important and realising that sometimes, you already have the answers (conscious or subconscious) is what Kinesiology is all about.

How are you honouring where you’re at today?


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