The Ripple Effect of Stress: People You Care About

How does your stress effect the people around you?

Without realising it, we often inflict our stress on other people, particularly those we love the most. When we have no personal outlet for it, it makes it’s way to the surface, in our body and eventually out into the world around us. 

I’ve been inadvertently made to recall this week a time when I realised that the corporate world was no longer for me. I ignored that realisation. I let it bubble under the surface, in the body and eventually out into the world around me. I think back now at the stress I probably caused the people around me and am concerned to think that I held on so tightly to something that was actually not serving me anymore.

Today, I see someone close to me gaining more pressure of stress internally, they’re getting tired, run down and in turn I am starting to feel it too. As odd as it sounds, and as stressful as it is for myself to be in the midst of it, I am actually thankful for the awareness that i’ve gained through it. I realise now that all of those times when I was finally “ready” to quit that job, and not following through with it, was in fact causing the people around me to worry because my stress levels wouldn’t change when I decided to stick with it a little longer. Ahh… the benefits of hindsight!

While your stress is not necessarily the only factor in how someone receives that stress (personal experience and beliefs effect this too) you do have options when it comes to dealing with your stress.

A simple choice to do something about it, to seek help, to seek an outlet, to talk to those around you will work wonders for your body, your mind and the people around you too.

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