MONDAY MANTRA::I Deserve Success

I love mantra’s. They can be such a great catalyst for change.

Because I love them so much, I thought I’d introduce a regular Monday Mantra each week.

The image below can be saved to your home screen on your mobile so that every time you unlock your phone, you see it. The idea is that the more you see the mantra, the more you say the mantra, the more you believe the mantra. It’s like tricking your body into believing it’s true and eventually great things begin to happen.

The same process works for goals. Some of the most successful people in the world look at their goals hundred’s of times per day. It’s about making it visible and therefore at the front of mind as well as in the back of the mind (conscious AND subconscious).

TIP: to fast track a mantra or goal’s effectiveness, seek out a reputable Kinesiologist who can help you work through any blocks you may have around achieving the goal or mantra (I do).

So, here’s today’s mantra pic, enjoy.

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I Deserve Success

I Deserve Success

My Kinesiology Journey – Chapter One

This is not a typical post from me. I like to give insights and tips on how to get the best of certain situations. But I think it’s also important that I tell you about me, the person behind the brand and the articles. Because we’re all human and I didn’t magically become a Kinesiologist. I’ve invested money, time and emotions into my expertise. Hours and hours (and HOURS) of practical, online exams and theory and the learning hasn’t stopped there.

When I started studying kinesiology four years ago, I never dreamt that I would:

1. Continue my studies for so long (I was only going to do the Certificate IV) or
2. Do so much self-development in the process

It’s a big thing to take on study in Kinesiology. The techniques we learn are all practiced in class so we invariably get to work through some of our own issues as we learn, with every single technique.

This last weekend was my last class in my Post-Graduate Diploma in Kinesiopractic. Over the last four years, I’ve learnt a lot about human behaviour, about myself and about the power that our emotions can have over us emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. I have also learnt that there’s a bottomless pit of issues to work through. Just when you think you’ve got something sorted, we look at it from another angle or something happens (life) that triggers these concerns again.

What I have also learnt over the last four years is that you never stop learning and that it’s incredibly important to have all the right people around you for support.

So I have my beautiful man to thank who has helped, pushed and paved the way for me and my dream. He didn’t have to, but he has chosen to support me in manifesting my dream on so many levels and I am so very grateful for the sacrifices he’s made in order to see me succeed.

I have many friends and family who have supported me through being my case study subjects, coming in for balances and referring many clients (my mum happens to be one of my best referrers). Thankyou.

I have the faculty and staff at the college (Kinesiology Connection) where I studied to thank for their generosity of knowledge and time, who chose to impart their expertise in a way that suits all of our learning styles. I believe that each of the faculty has something unique to bring to the table (pun intended) that we as students could pick up and blend with our own style. I know I certainly have.

And most of all, I have all of my beautiful friends and fellow students who have supported me through my shyness, my tears and who just “get me”. I love that each month, there was a pool of knowledge, of support, of like minded people and love that was waiting, unconditionally at the next instalment of our course and knowing that there was always a good laugh to be had.

While my Kinesiology journey is by no means complete (I have a few further study ideas up my sleeve), It’s nice to have this chapter closing for it means that on some levels, I am no longer wearing my “student” hat, but am purely wearing my Practitioner hat which is so exciting after four years of study.

Studying kinesiology is a highly personal journey. What you work through from your past, present and future with your fellow students can be (and is) life changing. But then, that’s why I started this journey, to help people change their lives. I just had to change mine first.

KC Kinesiopractic Class of 2013This is my Kinesi crew and two of the faculty at the end of our very last day, what a journey!

Being Your Own Hero

Being Your Own Hero Dana Atkin Kinesiology Combo

When I grow up, I want to be my own hero, with amazing superpowers. And a cape.

Actually, most of the time I am my own hero with superpowers (no cape yet). Sometimes though, I forget that I can be my own hero. Sometimes it’s because life happens and pulls my focus away from my own hero abilities. Sometimes, I get so caught up in helping my clients and the people around me that I forget to look after myself in the ways I know I can. Sometimes I choose other people to be my hero and sometimes, I just forget. That’s okay because underneath the cape, we’re all human.

What if I told you that each person can choose to be their own hero?  What if I told you that every one of us has a super power to go with our personal hero status too? What if I told you that this superpower was available to you right now and you could use it to make your life happier, healthier and more fulfilling?

We all have this superpower. It comes standard with being your own hero. But like being your own hero, this superpower gets forgotten, it gets buried under the “must do’s”, under the “have to’s” and all of the “should’s”.  It gets cast aside almost too easily and Sometimes, we don’t use it as well as we could Yet, it’s the single most powerful superpower any human can ever have. This power needs to be harnessed and utilised in the right way for us as individuals in order for it to have a positive influence over our lives.

I am talking about CHOICE.

Everyone has the power to choose. What to wear today, which way to go to work, what to have for lunch and the list goes on. We also have the power to choose what kind of life we want, what career we would like and how we respond to what life sends our way.

Not choosing is also a choice. If you let “life” or “destiny” or other people to make the choice for you then how empowered to do you feel? My guess is, not very empowered at all.  You’ll start to feel like life is just happening to you and that you’re not actually living it.

So how do you become your own hero? We start by harnessing our own superpower. Start by practicing with the “small” stuff.

What do you want to do this weekend?
Choose something (note: “I don’t know, whatever” = choosing to do nothing) I too am guilty of this one.

Where do you want to go for dinner Friday night?
Choose a restaurant.

What do you want to do while you’re on holiday? 
Choose an activity.

And when you’re ready, start looking at some bigger items such as:

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Choose a path that you want to follow.

How do you want to get on that path? 
How you get there is completely up to you (note I was in my very late twenties when I chose what I wanted to be when I grew up – it is never too late to change paths).

We make choices every day yet somehow we don’t always value them as highly as we could or we don’t give them conscious thought.

You can make choices that lead you to a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life – you can be your own hero and save your own world. You can even wear a cape if you choose to.

honouring where you’re at

I received an email from a client today, cancelling her appointment with me and asking me to give her a call to discuss.  It was an unusual occurrence so I called asap to see what they might need to talk to me about.

When they spoke, they mentioned that they were not ready. This is not the first time I’ve received this comment from a client. But the fact that they wanted to reassure me (the practitioner who tends to do all the reassuring) that they got a lot out of the session and that the feedback was positive, they are just not ready to look at some of the issues that were coming up for her during her Kinesiology balance was fabulous.

Now, ordinarily, when someone just doesn’t book back in, or does and cancels, I don’t always get feedback (good or otherwise) so it can be less than easy to not get caught up in trying to work out “why?” or trying to work out how to improve my sessions. When people give me the courtesy of telling my why, it makes me really appreciate them, regardless of whether or not they become a permanent client.

In this particular instance, the fact that they spoke to me first hand and that their reasons (beyond not being ready) were in line with what we were working on in the first place, says to me that they are already making progress. I couldn’t be prouder! Honouring where you’re at is so important and realising that sometimes, you already have the answers (conscious or subconscious) is what Kinesiology is all about.

How are you honouring where you’re at today?