Setting boundaries for your non-negotiables

So, as a Kinesiologist, I get told all the time "wow you must be always happy and relaxed". The answer of course, is mostly yes, but not really all the time. I'm human, just like every other person on the planet. I get regular kinesiology balances to keep myself in a good space so that … Continue reading Setting boundaries for your non-negotiables

My Kinesiology Journey – Chapter One

This is not a typical post from me. I like to give insights and tips on how to get the best of certain situations. But I think it's also important that I tell you about me, the person behind the brand and the articles. Because we're all human and I didn't magically become a Kinesiologist. … Continue reading My Kinesiology Journey – Chapter One

Being Your Own Hero

When I grow up, I want to be my own hero, with amazing superpowers. And a cape. Actually, most of the time I am my own hero with superpowers (no cape yet). Sometimes though, I forget that I can be my own hero. Sometimes it’s because life happens and pulls my focus away from my … Continue reading Being Your Own Hero

When Men Should Ask For Help

When Men Should Ask For Help “Everyone stand up. Raise your left hand as if under oath, now take your right hand and hold your ‘boys’ and repeat after me…” This is how a facilitator at a conference once introduced his overriding message at a male dominated industry staff conference many years ago. The oath … Continue reading When Men Should Ask For Help

Stress Management

Relax and enjoy.

walking the walk

It's been a while since my last post. A lot has happened in that time.  We've been to Fiji for a family member's wedding, we've welcomed a new-born nephew and work has been steadily changing for the better. What occurred to me today while putting pen to paper about my business, is that you need … Continue reading walking the walk

Building a successful business

  So i've been building a business.  A natural health & wellbeing business. I am passionate about helping people to release old patterns and see new choices. I'm studying Kinesiology and am currently in a position where I have 2 locations and am trying to build clientele. I went in with the enthusiasm of a child … Continue reading Building a successful business