Monday Mantra:: I Listen to my inner, well being

Monday Mantra A well being

Just like an inner child, you have an inner well being. A being who is always looking out for your most well self. This inner well being is often silenced by the thoughts and emotions in our head and heart but when we tune to the frequency of our well being, we can hear it loud clear.

How often do you listen to that inner being who has your wellness at heart?

I see this all the time with clients. It’s that knowing, that inkling. When the body asks for the client to add lemon to water in the morning, the client says “Oh, I’ve been thinking about adding lemon to my water for the last few weeks….”. This has been their inner well being telling them all along that it was the right move.

I am not immune to drawing out my inner well being either. We’re all human and we all get caught up in life and eventually our inner well being gets put last on our list, not first.

Here are some things that you could do for your inner well being today:

  • Have a quiet cup of tea, with no phone, no internet, no TV in front of you.
  • Enjoy a meditation
  • Go for a walk at lunch time
  • Have a glass of water instead of that third cup of coffee

Consider what it is that you’ve been thinking about adding to your routine or to your diet and see what small step you could take towards your inner well being today. Every bit helps to bring back that well being voice.

As always, download and save this Monday Mantra Image to your desktop or phone or print it and pin it somewhere you’ll see it. When you see it, say it. And if you know someone who would also benefit from this mantra, please share it.

Following on fr…

Following on from my last post, I have set some wheels in motion.  By no means have I completed any of the items on my list however, it is already having an effect on my business.  Since my last post, I have acquired 3 new clients.  I think it’s vitally important to show the universe that you’re serious about your business and that you’re willing to put in what is required to warrant the trust that all is as it should be before the rush of clientele comes your way, particularly in a health care setting. 

Now I’m keen to look at what else I need to do and what potential positive outcome for my business and my clients can it provide. Reminds me of one of my favorite quotes: 

“Who looks outside dreams. Who looks inside awakens.” – Carl Jung 

Happy awakenings….