Levelling Up

Power Up and Level Up

Many of my students ask me about life as they work through the Kinesiology course. What happens is this: During the course, they work on all their old “stuff” and working on all the old “stuff” helps us release the heaviness from ourselves, and as we release that, we raise ourselves up. We raise our vibration (power up) which means that we level up or upgrade our life. Think of it like Super Mario when he gets one of those mushrooms that makes him invincible. Raising our vibration or levelling up, makes us a little invincible to certain people and situations. Suddenly, it’s like the universe sees that you’re not a vibrational match to those circumstances anymore so you become more aligned with something better. When we don’t actively seek the new, powered up level, that we have kind of known all along or had been considering then the universe conspires to level us up on our behalf.

When this happens, it often feels like things have been stirred up because we haven’t deliberately (consciously) chosen the shift. We go through restructures at work, our family life feels a little off, our friends suddenly feel like they don’t fit in our world anymore. Life feels like it’s happening to us.

I’ve seen students intentionally upgrade. They’ve chosen a new career path while they’re studying, they’ve met the love of their life, they’ve been given great opportunities that they otherwise would not have had. I’ve also seen some split from long-term relationships, be made redundant from work, have friendships naturally dissipate. It’s all part of the upgrade process. If the people around us are working on levelling up too, then the shifts are less pronounced. They feel like little hiccups, not mountains to overcome. And eventually you find that you’ve grown together, not apart. This goes for work, family and social lives.

Next time you’re feeling like your world is being turned upside down, consider this: Are you levelling up?

The Chameleon Effect


A chameleon is recognised for it’s unique ability to blend into its surroundings. It is a natural survival skill of the creature. As human beings, we see this quality as a benefit. The ability to adapt to any environment and blend in can be useful in many situations but does it do more harm than good?

I personally have been a chameleon for most of my life, ever since I can remember I have blended into the crowd, taking on their qualities. A fun crowd? I’m a fun person. A quiet, subdued crowd? I’m a subdued person.

It was only recently that I discovered that what I thought was a great tool; a unique skill to have was in fact holding me back. It was keeping me invisible and It was helping me to play small. It was a disguise for fear.

If a chameleon changes it’s self to blend in for survival, then what am I trying to survive? What is the benefit of blending in? As it turns out, for me, this was about not being judged for being my true self. I had a limiting belief in my subconscious form early childhood that was on repeat in my mind when it came to crowds which said, “I can’t be myself and be accepted”. Whoa! So instead of being my authentic self, I would become someone else entirely just to be accepted. I was trying to survive judgment and non-acceptance.

As a Kinesiologist, I have had many sessions around the issue of judgment and I am always helping people to understand that it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks about you. What they think about you is their own “stuff” coming out of them. It has nothing to do with you. So it was nice to understand what this feels like at a really deep level that actually spanned essentially my entire life!

Two points here:

We are all human. Even your practitioners are human – they have sore muscles, nutrition imbalances, out worn belief patterns to work through. No one is immune to upgrade.

Being our authentic self makes us more powerful within ourselves. It means we can work towards honoring our self, honoring what we desire, what we feel, what we value. And in doing so, we can let go of the “chameleon effect” because when we honor our authentic self, there’s no need to disguise because the power that comes from authenticity is second to none.

Ask yourself, where am I being a chameleon? What am I trying to survive in that space / situation? How can I be more myself and feel safe next time?

Find little ways to be more you. Add make up, add a piece of jewellery that says “this is who I am”, keep a crystal in your pocket as a reminder to be more open about who you really are. Little steps will add up and before you know it, you’ll have dropped that disguise and the chameleon effect.