3 Key Secrets To Seeing Magic

Universe Has My Back Dana Atkin Energy Healing

I’m going to let you in on a little secret or three on what it takes to see magic in your everyday life. The truth is actually very simple it’s just that in our grown up world, we are taught to be realistic, to question everything and to be serious about life and look for the big things.

Secret Number 3 to seeing magic: Know that magic isn’t always big or flashy.

Children are the best at seeing magic in everyday things. I was thinking recently of a beautiful little girl (about 4 years old) who was the daughter of a colleague many years ago who came in to visit her dad at the office. She was asking about the work my other colleague and I were doing and we were just generally having a chat when the conversation dwindled and there was a pause. The little girl looked down at her feet quietly then suddenly looked up with this ‘Eureka!’ facial expression followed by the words “I’ve got an idea – Let’s Dance!” and she proceeded to dance right there in the middle of the office. It was just magical to watch this little girl have the best idea ever and then proceed to go for it regardless of where she was or who was watching.

Secret Number 2 to seeing magic: Trust that there is magic.

Young children are the best at seeing magic in things and people because they haven’t been conditioned out of it yet. They trust that there’s magic out there and trust is met with proof by the universe.

What if we were to peel back some of that conditioning we adults have built up? What if we were to look at things and instead of claim “oh – what a coincidence” or “I had this chance encounter” or “Funny, I was just thinking about that person” or “how unusual” we could instead say “Wow, now that’s pretty magical”.

Secret Number 1 to seeing magic:  look for the magic.

If I didn’t keep my eye out for magic each day, I wouldn’t see it. And if I didn’t look out for it, the universe wouldn’t be able to show me magic either.

If I wasn’t trusting that there was magic out there for me, and I was too busy awaiting a neon sign, not looking at the details of everyday life, then I would have missed some magic recently in the form of crows.

Crows for me represent Universal Law (or the Law of Attraction / Universe Generally). I sat down in a local park recently to do a 7minute visualisation for my Throat Chakra. When I chose the seat, there was a crow wandering around in front of it and I thought that was a pretty good sign. So I sat, closed my eyes and completed my visualisation. When I opened my eyes, stretched and stood up, behind me were another 13 crows and 2 sitting in the trees above me calling out to the world. THIS was a magical sign. It was telling me that if I call out to the universe (hello throat Chakra), to the world, that it will respond. If I wasn’t trusting that there was magic out there, if I wasn’t knowing that simple things can be magical and if I wasn’t looking out for magic in my life then I would not have taken the above photograph and I would probably not be writing this article for you right now.

Keep an eye out for magic and trust it’s there because as soon as you do this, the universe will conspire to show you it’s true.

Have a magical week…

Monday Mantra:: I am always in the right place at the right time

Monday Mantra Right Place Right Time

It’s so easy to get caught up in decision making, in our own thoughts about how good we are, or how capable we are. We are all human and this is far more common that most people would think. In fact, we often believe that we’re the only ones who feel that way.

I am learning more and more that I am always in the right place at the right time and this is bringing a sense of contentment for wherever I happen to be.

There’s a lot to be said for divine timing. It may not always seem like it, or feel like it, especially when we’re not having much fun in life but I believe that it’s all part of the plan to get us where we need to be.

What if your struggle of looking for work right now, will actually help you in the long run? Perhaps you’ll end up working to help people who are struggling to find work some day? And what if the universe has a particular role in mind for you at a particular business because you have some great insights that one particular person is going to need when you get there? What if that insight is life changing for them in the best possible way?

You may not always know what the grand plan is, but it is wise to trust in the process and know that you are always in the right place at the right time. Knowing that you are in that spot because you’re the best person for that situation at that time. Knowing this can also bring out a sense of contentment even when things are not going so well. A trust fund of sorts into the precision timing of the universe will propel you forward and upward when things are tough.

Consider your day today as a day in divine timing. Imagine that you were meant to arrive at work when you did, imagine that you were meant to cross the road at that precise moment. Imagine that all your clients cancelled because the universe has a better plan for you today. That you were meant all along to eat at that particular lace for lunch so someone could you overhear you talking and receive a sign they’ve been looking for.

I have personally received signs I’ve been looking for purely around divine timing like this – happening to catch a tram with Denise Duffield Thomas of Get Rich Lucky Bitch fame on a day where I was looking for signs around my finances, eaten at a restaurant the night before my first Reiki training where a Monk was sitting at the table next to us, happened to leave earlier than usual from a clinic because clients had cancelled only to get in the elevator with Danae of The Spell Box fame, running late for work yet at one stop along the way, when the doors of a tram opened up, there was a monk, sitting on the ground, pointing at me with a knowing smile, saluting me (my friend and I have a joke that I am the captain of my own destiny) and giving me the traditional Aussie thumbs up.

No interaction, no timing is ever a mistake, we just need to trust that there is a very good reason in the timing for everything and everyone involved. Even if those decisions are made by ourselves to shift out, to move on or move up or simply to change something, we are always in the right place at the right time.

I am always in the right place at the right time.

As always, download and save this Monday Mantra Image to your desktop or phone or print it and pin it somewhere you’ll see it. When you see it, say it. And if you know someone who would also benefit from this mantra, please share it.

PS – My favourite book, “The Five People You Meet in Heaven” by Mitch Albom illustrates my point so beautifully.

Monday Mantra:: I Choose to Read The Signs

Monday Mantra I Choose To Read The Signs

Most people are unaware of the signs that surround them all day, every day. The universe is always trying to get out attention. Sometimes, it’s simply to say “hey, I’ve got your back” and sometimes it’s more of a “If you keep focusing on this, I’ll keep sending it your way” or even a “This is something you need to be aware of”.

The form of signs is many and varied. They come to you in numbers, colours, shapes, animals, words and songs. The possibilities are endless. What characterises them as signs is their repetitiveness and consistency.

For example:

Last week, on my into work, I had a small spider in the car. When I go into work, there 3 on my desk and when I got home, there was one on the lounge room floor. Because there were so many in such quick succession, all in the one day, I saw it as a sign and did some research on Spiders as animal totems.

The week prior, I was finding feathers in random places, including one placed on my car windscreen even though it had been parked in a garage all day.

I’m currently seeing the number sequence 808, EVERYWHERE! which is all about the manifestation of all that I need being supplied to be in abundance. (see Doreen Virtue’s Angel Numbers App for more information).

I had last week, two separate people who do not know one another mention Teal Swan and Blessing their food in their own unique ways that felt right for them. These were not coincidences. For me, this is clear guidance from the universe telling me how to proceed.

What signs have you been getting recently? How have you chosen to follow those signs? How do you read your signs?

By reading the signs, we get a sense of interconnectedness with all of life and the universe, it makes us feel uplifted and as a result, we naturally attract a happier, more uplifting day into our lives.

Today, choose to read the signs.

As always, download and save this Monday Mantra Image to your desktop or phone or print it and pin it somewhere you’ll see it. When you see it, say it. And if you know someone who would also benefit from this mantra, please share it.

Dana, this is the universe speaking



A few things have come to my attention recently which appears to be a culmination of some work I’ve been doing on myself around my abilities to see dead people.  Some time ago, this was happening quite often. I’ve got stories of a business owner who still watches over the family business and priest I knew when I was a little child who came to say he’d passed on, almost to the day. That said, as quickly as it started happening,they seemed to quite suddenly disappear again.

Fast Forward to 3 or 4 months ago when I started working on getting them back. I’ve had a number of Kinesiology balances around this, particularly the fear surrounding it and have done a lot of research on ways to develop this skill, and ways to help alleviate the fear that sometimes creeps in around it.


Last week, I was going about my morning walk when out the corner of my eye popped a young boy with a yellow cap, hiding behind a tree. And when I turned my head to look, he was gone.  Familiar with this sort of happening, I walked around the tree to see no one. There was no one there.  They’re back! But how do I get them to stay for a chat? I only ever get to see them for split second at a time…



And as if that wasn’t enough, the other day, my man suggested I watch a TED talk about meditation (you can see it here: 10 Mindful Minutes). And it somehow ignited a thought that at those moments when I’ve seen these spirits, or had a prophetic dream that it has always felt “it just is” or “in the now” and that this was perhaps the best way to get to a point where I could chat with these visitors.


Today, I happened across an article about neuroscience research into mediums and what happens in the mind while communicating with the dead. What I got from this article was essentially that people’s minds were not focussed on any one thing, but on nothing in particular at all, no imagery, no memory, no emotion, they were in the moment. And then this afternoon, a beautiful elderly neighbor of mine was asking me about televisions. “I’d normally ask my son but he’s passed away now” she said with tears in her eyes. It’s moments like that I wish I had already mastered this skill. But in that moment, I realised that not only am I meant to master it, I’m meant to do more with it and that by sending all of these little signs or pieces of information the universe is telling me that now is the time to do so. And who am I to argue with the universe?!