Monday Mantra:: My Life is Infused with Positivity

I chose this mantra today because I have come to some personal awarenesses over the last week that centre around positivity.

I generally believe myself to be a positive, uplifting kind of person. I’m always looking at the bright side of situations, of people, of challenges. That is, except when it comes to my self.

As a health practitioner, I am able to help people see the positive side of many situations and able to guide them into a place of contentment with where they’re at. This is clearly a skill I have taken for granted because I have forgotten to use it with myself.

I was desperate for a Kinesiology balance last week. I had spent all week drawing up a mind map of a pattern I had become aware of. Why was this a pattern? What else is it infused into in my life? Where did it all begin? What else is tied into this pattern? Why? Why? What if? What if? What if? and the list went on and on.

Without realising it, I had got myself into a less than positive state of mind. I was trying too hard to solve the puzzle.

My goal for the session was about allowing myself to persevere. The session was great and I left feeling much clearer and calmer and content with where I was at.

I had a chat to my boyfriend the next day about my initial pattern of not taking responsibility which fed into a feeling of not being good enough, which fed into a feeling of a lack of security which circled around back into responsibility again. It was a good, open chat about where I was at mentally and emotionally. The next day was when the next piece of the puzzle clicked into place.

He asked me about my running. I had been going well until last week, when I withdrew from running and was walking instead. It was too hot last week and my ankle was sore so I was being careful not to aggravate it. “What about your brace?” he asked. Well, I need to stretch it and I can’t stretch it with the brace on it. was my reply. THEN he asked me about perseverance. “How does that fit in with your running and your excuses?”. My initial reaction was to say, “Well, I’m doing the right thing and making sure I don’t set myself back with injury….. blah blah…”. That’s the way I always respond (and by always, I mean ALWAYS). That’s when it dawned on me. All this time my excuses weren’t reasons, they were me throwing in the towel, not persevering. AND then I was getting defensive and looking at all the “what if this goes wrong?”, “What of that goes wrong?”. I was looking at all the negatives, not the positives – me, a Kinesiologist be harsh on myself?!! Time for that to change.

So, here we are at choosing to see life as infused with positivity.

As always, save the image to your desktop, phone, print it out etc. When you see it, say it. And if you like it or think that someone you know could benefit from this mantra, share it.

Choose to see the positives - it can be life changing.

Choose to see the positives – it can be life changing.

Monday Mantra:: I Am Brave Enough

How brave are you?

Sometimes, one of the bravest things we can do is to look at what’s really holding us back.

Her are some questions to get you thinking about what might be holding you back from achieving your goals:

  1. If you already had what you’re aiming for, if you already achieved that goal you set, what happens next?
  2. What’s the worst thing about achieving that goal?
  3. What are all the consequences that might happen as a result of achieving your goal?
  4. What is the scariest thing about aiming for your goal?
  5. What is the scariest thing about achieving your goal?
  6. What are all the “What if’s” around this goal?
    (for example: What if I fail, What if I don’t achieve the results I’m looking for?, what if people think I’m crazy for even trying? What if my partner gives me an ultimatum – “me or your dream”? etc.)

Once you think you’ve come to the end of the list, go back and ask yourself these questions again. There’s always more there than in the first round of questioning.

These all take courage to look at. But once you know what all these what if’s are, what all the results may or may not be, it gives you the opportunity to look at them and to work through each of them. Knowing exactly what thought patterns you are dealing with is key to change.

The same works for business. Look at the patterns of behaviour that are holding the team or business back from achieving their goals. You might be very surprised to find a collective fear in there some where.

You’re brave enough to look at what’s holding you back, then be brave enough to go after your goals anyway!

Remember – download and save to your phone home screen. Every time you unlock your screen, repeat the mantra to yourself. I Am Brave Enough!

Be brave enough to look at what's really holding you back.

Be brave enough to look at what’s really holding you back.

Bippity Boppity Boo

This is exactly what a Kinesiology session can be like. It can transform you inside and out. When you shift a belief, shift a perception or come to a new awareness about your life, both you and your life is transformed.

This week, I came to an awareness (more like a revelation) that what I was experiencing around me, my work life, my finances, my health, my relationship was a direct reflection of how I feel about myself. Which actually set of a chain reaction of other awarenesses. Of patterns that have been present throughout my entire life. They seem like everyday things but when looked at as a whole story, paint a themed picture of how I feel about me and a key lesson that I need to work through.

Coming to these awarenesses gives me that opportunity to work on them.

What patterns are present in your life? What common themes, events, reactions pop up time after time that might give you an opportunity to discover something about yourself?

Awarenesses are the catalyst for remarkable transformations.

Awareness is the catalyst for a remarkable transformation