Following on fr…

Following on from my last post, I have set some wheels in motion.  By no means have I completed any of the items on my list however, it is already having an effect on my business.  Since my last post, I have acquired 3 new clients.  I think it’s vitally important to show the universe that you’re serious about your business and that you’re willing to put in what is required to warrant the trust that all is as it should be before the rush of clientele comes your way, particularly in a health care setting. 

Now I’m keen to look at what else I need to do and what potential positive outcome for my business and my clients can it provide. Reminds me of one of my favorite quotes: 

“Who looks outside dreams. Who looks inside awakens.” – Carl Jung 

Happy awakenings….

Building a successful business


So i’ve been building a business.  A natural health & wellbeing business. I am passionate about helping people to release old patterns and see new choices. I’m studying Kinesiology and am currently in a position where I have 2 locations and am trying to build clientele. I went in with the enthusiasm of a child at seeing all the wonders of the world and believing that it would all just fall into place.  And i still believe that it will.  That said, I think I haven’t quite built the foundations yet. and once they are in place, I think it’ll build very very quickly.


What am I missing?

1. Correct financial software / setup

2. Correct tax set up

3. all my ducks in a row with regards to association memberships

So over the next week, I will arrange all of these items and will report back on how the clientele builds once these are all in place.  I’m a firm believer in you only get out what you put in and it’s time to ensure that what I put in to setting up the business will provide a stable and appropriate environment in which the business can build! Here goes….

Letting go of roadblocks to success

So I thought I’d start blogging. In January. And almost 9 months later, here I am writing my first post. Amazing how time flies when you’re working full-time, designing part-time and studying part-time all while trying to get a business up and running.  Now that the business is starting to build, I thought I’d go and back track to the little initiatives that I had started many months ago and never followed through with. It’s funny the obstacles that we put in front of ourselves to subconsciously block the things that we know will be good for us. And over the last few months, I have found that I have slowly brushed those blocks aside by firstly becoming aware of them, writing them down as they come to me and then chipping away at them by listing all the “pro’s and con’s” of keeping them, and then observing my actions and the consequential reactions which surround these blocks – until they no longer provide a benefit for me to hold on to them.  And wow the benefits of letting them go are truly phenomenal.