What Is Your Immune System Trying to Tell You?

Okay, So here is theĀ August issue of the Wellbeing Article in the 3000 Melbourne Magazine from yours truly all about the metaphysical elements that might be going on with your common cold. I've added a recent addition (thanks largely to a few questions I've received in response to this article and of course the cold … Continue reading What Is Your Immune System Trying to Tell You?

Let’s get (Meta)Physical

In my sessions, I often explain things to my clients in terms of metaphysics. That is, the emotional reasons behind their physical symptoms. So many people come to me as a last resort and often they have neglected to look at the emotional component of what their body is telling them. Symptoms are your body's … Continue reading Let’s get (Meta)Physical

An Alignment of Support

The latest article for the 3000 Melbourne Magazine. (click on the image to enlarge)