Lining up down the street

When I first began at a new clinic, I expected and knew that I had a long line of clients waiting to see me at this new clinic. That’s what i’m here for. To help as many people as I can. So I knew that this clinic was where I was supposed to be. For weeks now, I have been a little frustrated because I could see a long line of people lining up outside the building waiting to see me at this clinic and yet I have only a few clients here and there.

It has only recently occurred to me that maybe i’m thinking of the wrong “people”. Let me explain.

I had a client the other week. They have never been to one of my clinics before and they were incidentally from interstate on business and just desperate to see a kinesiologist. So they booked in with me. Not an unusual occurrence at all except for the fact that for a few days leading up to that session, I had a woman who was hanging around me from the spirit world. The morning of the session, I tried a new tool that one of my kinesiologists had given me a few weeks prior to work out what it was this woman needed to say and to find out who she belonged to.

Fast forward to the session where this person was explaining that they felt like they had a group on the “other side”, on their side. That’s when I got the image of this woman and I knew she was here for them.

So I passed on the message. She was simply, sending love and reminding them that she was there and that they’d know by the hold on the shoulder. As it turned out – that hold on the shoulder was something the client had been feeling a lot lately.

What does this have to do with the people lining up to see me? Well, I think there might be a long line of people in the spirit world waiting to see me with their loved ones. So, I’m going to start honing my skills in that area so that when the spirit world starts orchestrating the clients, I can comfortably pass on the correct messages.

Watch this space

Dana, this is the universe speaking



A few things have come to my attention recently which appears to be a culmination of some work I’ve been doing on myself around my abilities to see dead people.  Some time ago, this was happening quite often. I’ve got stories of a business owner who still watches over the family business and priest I knew when I was a little child who came to say he’d passed on, almost to the day. That said, as quickly as it started happening,they seemed to quite suddenly disappear again.

Fast Forward to 3 or 4 months ago when I started working on getting them back. I’ve had a number of Kinesiology balances around this, particularly the fear surrounding it and have done a lot of research on ways to develop this skill, and ways to help alleviate the fear that sometimes creeps in around it.


Last week, I was going about my morning walk when out the corner of my eye popped a young boy with a yellow cap, hiding behind a tree. And when I turned my head to look, he was gone.  Familiar with this sort of happening, I walked around the tree to see no one. There was no one there.  They’re back! But how do I get them to stay for a chat? I only ever get to see them for split second at a time…



And as if that wasn’t enough, the other day, my man suggested I watch a TED talk about meditation (you can see it here: 10 Mindful Minutes). And it somehow ignited a thought that at those moments when I’ve seen these spirits, or had a prophetic dream that it has always felt “it just is” or “in the now” and that this was perhaps the best way to get to a point where I could chat with these visitors.


Today, I happened across an article about neuroscience research into mediums and what happens in the mind while communicating with the dead. What I got from this article was essentially that people’s minds were not focussed on any one thing, but on nothing in particular at all, no imagery, no memory, no emotion, they were in the moment. And then this afternoon, a beautiful elderly neighbor of mine was asking me about televisions. “I’d normally ask my son but he’s passed away now” she said with tears in her eyes. It’s moments like that I wish I had already mastered this skill. But in that moment, I realised that not only am I meant to master it, I’m meant to do more with it and that by sending all of these little signs or pieces of information the universe is telling me that now is the time to do so. And who am I to argue with the universe?!