Monday Mantra:: I Allow Others to Tell Their Story

You know when you need to talk about something, and you finally get up the courage to talk about it and before you’ve even scratched the surface of your story, someone chimes in with a “well, when I ……” or “that’s like when I……”? It feels pretty horrible doesn’t it? Especially when you’ve been holding on to your story for so long and it’s taken you days, weeks, months or years to muster up the courage to tell it.

Today’s mantra is all about allowing others to tell their story without feeling like you need to give your version of a similar story, without needing to provide a one-upmanship version of your own similar story and without jumping in with a solution.

Sometimes, the biggest gift we can give someone is the space to talk about what they need to talk about, without having someone chime in to fix it, without interruption and without judgement.

If you yourself have something you need to talk about, prefix it with a “I need to talk about something but I need to get it all out so if you could just sit and listen until I’ve got it all out, I’d be so grateful.”

Today, allow others to tell their story.


As always, download the image and save it to your phone screen, desktop or pin it somewhere. When you see it, say it and if you think that someone you know could benefit from this mantra, share it.Monday-Mantra-allow others to tell their story


Dream Chaser or Dream Catcher?

Dream Catcher

The answer of course is both.

I have had Dream Chasers (see image below) in my mind as a series of gift cards with a very unique application for months and months on end. Then dream catchers were jumping out at me like signs from the universe.

When I mentioned this to my beloved, he said to me “is it a sign or is it just an extension of yourself?”.

Initially, I was annoyed. I LOVE signs. insert exasperated:Why was he dismissing my signs?

Today though, those words have provided inspiration. Not just from an artistic perspective but from a business perspective. It is an extension of myself. This is what I help all my clients with too. We find their passion, they come to awarenesses of how this might be a great business idea and we work together to eliminate anything that might be holding them back consciously and subconsciously from achieving their dream. I am a dream chaser myself. I help people chase and catch their dreams.

Dream Chaser AND Dream Catcher! (watch this space for snazzy new business tag line soon).

Question for you: What words have you heard lately that initially were less than easy to hear but when you reflect on them, they have a bigger meaning?

Dream Chaser by Dana Atkin

Monday Mantra:: I Listen to my Body

Monday-Matnra-Listen-Body-KinesiologyYour body is always talking to you.

I’m tired, I’m Hungry, I’m uncomfortable (all of course are on both the physical and metaphysical levels).

Here’s how I listened to my body yesterday: I did nothing except the grocery shopping.

I laid on the couch all day. I had a very long week, I was exhausted and “off colour” all week. Out for dinner two nights, late clients all week, an interview and numerous clients. Now, i had the choice for the two nights out to dinner. I could have said no but I chose to ignore my body. Then after a very late night Saturday night with a friend’s black tie wedding (which was a whole lot of fun but oh so long to get ready for as a woman going to a black tie event), my body was saying “STOP”. So instead of my usual Groceries, cooking meals for the week, including lunches, I laid on the couch and after a good 10 hours sleep last night, I feel pretty good today.

Now, if I had of listened to my body and said no to a few things during the week, chances are that I would not be behind for the week already with cooking but I would have enjoyed my Sunday a bit more too.

What is your body trying to tell you? Are you listening? or are you ignoring its signs and signals?

If it’s tiredness, take a break.
If it’s an unusual symptom and you’re worried, go to the doctor.
If it’s a sick feeling after certain foods, try to remove those foods.
If it’s a an uncomfortable feeling in a certain place, listen to that and investigate what exactly might be causing it.

Your body is always talking to you!

As always, download the image and save it to your phone or desktop, print it and pin it somewhere and when you see it, say it. And if you think someone else could benefit from this Mantra, share it.

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Sleep Well

3000MelbMag Sleep Well Dana Atkin April 2014

Frustrating isn’t it? When you can’t sleep. You’ve had a big day, you’re tired and you can’t wait to get to bed. You snuggle in at 9:30pm; take a few deep breaths and think “Ahhh…yes. Sleep time.” That is until you roll over (for what feels like the one hundredth time) and check the clock. 1:00am – eek!

Research says that getting adequate sleep is good for you for a number of reasons. Some of these reasons are:

  1. Your nervous system: It improves concentration, mood and memory
  2. Your Immune System: When your immune system is well rested, it can defend your body easier and more effectively
  3. Your Cardio Vascular System: Getting adequate sleep may help to reduce heart rate variability and
  4. It’s good for over all body rest & rejuvenation

So, as you can tell from this simple overview, Sleep is pretty important for your health and wellbeing. Here are my top five sleep well (or get back to sleep) tips:

  1. Routine
    Creating a routine around bedtime for yourself teaches your body when you’re nearing sleep time. The best way to do this is to think about children and the way we teach them with a routine that it’s almost bedtime. Find a series of things to do that works for you as a bedtime routine and stick with it.
  2. Deep Breathing
    This one is obvious and we hear it all the time. That’s because it works. Try taking a deep breath in through the nose and out through the mouth. Do this a number of times to calm your nervous system.
  3. Aromatherapy
    Lavender is a lovely essential oil to use for this exact purpose. Be careful with this one though because too much lavender can actually have the opposite effect. Remember: a little to calm, a lot toenergise.Here’s where I get most of my essences and essential oils from:
  4. Meditation
    This one is important because often the reason we are unable to get back to sleep is that we have all these thoughts running through our mind. Meditation can help us to control our thoughts rather than letting them run away with us and the right ones can also teach us to simply let those thoughts come and go rather than lingering in the first place.try this one:
  5. No Electricals
    Yep. That’s no phone, no T.V. and no computer games in the bedroom. This feeds into the routine factor. If your body is used to watching TV in bed, then you cannot expect that it will want to sleep there if you’ve spent all evening teaching it that it’s actually for being wide awake not sleeping.If you must have your phone in the bedroom at night (many people use it as an alarm clock) then put it on to airplane mode to stop the electrical signals from interfering with the electrical signals going on in your body.

The long-term effects of a lack of sleep can have dramatic effects on the body so if you’re not sleeping as well as you would like to be, then give one of the above tips a try – your body will thank you for it.

Lining up down the street

When I first began at a new clinic, I expected and knew that I had a long line of clients waiting to see me at this new clinic. That’s what i’m here for. To help as many people as I can. So I knew that this clinic was where I was supposed to be. For weeks now, I have been a little frustrated because I could see a long line of people lining up outside the building waiting to see me at this clinic and yet I have only a few clients here and there.

It has only recently occurred to me that maybe i’m thinking of the wrong “people”. Let me explain.

I had a client the other week. They have never been to one of my clinics before and they were incidentally from interstate on business and just desperate to see a kinesiologist. So they booked in with me. Not an unusual occurrence at all except for the fact that for a few days leading up to that session, I had a woman who was hanging around me from the spirit world. The morning of the session, I tried a new tool that one of my kinesiologists had given me a few weeks prior to work out what it was this woman needed to say and to find out who she belonged to.

Fast forward to the session where this person was explaining that they felt like they had a group on the “other side”, on their side. That’s when I got the image of this woman and I knew she was here for them.

So I passed on the message. She was simply, sending love and reminding them that she was there and that they’d know by the hold on the shoulder. As it turned out – that hold on the shoulder was something the client had been feeling a lot lately.

What does this have to do with the people lining up to see me? Well, I think there might be a long line of people in the spirit world waiting to see me with their loved ones. So, I’m going to start honing my skills in that area so that when the spirit world starts orchestrating the clients, I can comfortably pass on the correct messages.

Watch this space

Monday Mantra:: I Choose To See The Bigger Picture


I choose to see the bigger picture.

I choose to see the bigger picture because it gives me a chance to choose a happier thought. It gives me the option to look at all of the elements involved before getting upset or angry about something.

I chose this mantra today because I realised this morning that not everyone sees the bigger picture. Some people only see the details of the ‘right then and there’. There is of course no right or wrong way, it’s entirely up to the individual’s perspective but the difference it can make in how you feel and the thoughts you choose is pretty amazing.

What brought this up this morning was a minor thing. A simple “hey, you forgot to get this from the supermarket” kind of remark. But I found myself thinking “but wait, I did the groceries, chopped vegetables and cooked for 3 hours yesterday so you have dinners for the week while I’m working late and all you can see is that I forgot one thing from the supermarket?”.

Where in life are you prone to seeing only the one detail in front of you? Where could you benefit from taking note of the bigger picture? Ask yourself:

1. Am I looking at this as an individual comment, event, incident? or
2. Am I looking at this in its entire context or bigger picture?

Choosing to see things in their context can often result in less stress for both yourself and any other people involved.

I choose to see the bigger picture.

As always, download and save the image to your phone, desktop or print and pin it somewhere and when you see it, say it and If you think someone else you know might benefit from this mantra, share it.

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Monday Mantra:: I Am Enough

As I am, where I am, with what I know now – I am enough.

So after many weeks of looking at articles, videos, tutorials and books on the internet, I’m at a point now where I think “Urgh, it’s all the same stuff!”. Same Parrot, Different Feathers. Which is why I’ve chosen today’s Monday Mantra as “I am enough”.

Sometimes, you get to a point where you know enough to begin. Sometimes, you get to a point where you’re done trying to be more than who you are (for all the wrong reasons). And sometimes, it’s okay to be comfortable and enjoy where you’re at for a while before starting on your next big transformation.

So, today, I want you think about all the things that make you enough for right here, right now. In what ways are you enough (or more than enough):

at work?
at home?
as a runner, athlete, walker?
as a mum, dad, son, daughter, brother or sister?

And now the most important one:

In what ways are you enough (or more than enough) for you? not for your mum, dad, boss, partner, children or pets – but for you?

I am enough. As always, download the image and save to your phone or desk top. print for your workstation or notice board and when you see it, say it.

when you see it, say it.

when you see it, say it.

Special Announcement: We’re Expanding

Meridian Ideas

It is with great pleasure and much excitement that I announce the addition of a new clinic space in Hawthorn, Victoria. From January 2014, I will be available on Tuesdays for Kinesiology appointments at the lovely Kinesiology Connection.

Kinesiology Connection
563 Burwood Road
Hawthorn, VIC 3122
(03) 9819 6835