Thank You & You’re Welcome

They're small phrases that sit front of mind for me often these days. You see, I've been doing some work in customer service recently and I've become aware that there is a large number of people out there who think that if they thrown a tantrum, make threats to leave or not recommend someone that they'll … Continue reading Thank You & You’re Welcome

Human Too: The Never Ending Onion

I often have clients come in and when they explain what's going on, I know instinctively what they need in terms of a goal to work with in their Kinesiology session. They often wonder how I am so wise to know exactly what they need and how I know so much about everything their body … Continue reading Human Too: The Never Ending Onion

Monday Mantra:: It’s Safe for Me To Be Human

  Children have this knack of being themselves. When they're happy, they are outwardly happy and joyous. When they're sad, they cry. Somewhere between childhood and adulthood though, we're taught to pretend that we're okay, even if we're not. We're taught to be calm even when we're happy. Often as adults, we find ourselves in … Continue reading Monday Mantra:: It’s Safe for Me To Be Human

Monday Mantra:: I hold the key

I cashed in on my Christmas present from my lovely man last night. Bubbles & Buble! We even had a yummy dinner out after our pre-dinner drinks. It was great to be out on a date after almost 12 years together. When we got into the venue, there was of course the merchandise stands. I … Continue reading Monday Mantra:: I hold the key