Monday Mantra:: I Take A Daily Dose of Love

Monday Mantra Daily Dose of Love

It’s so easy to dish out the negative self talk. It’s easy to have a go at ourselves for our short comings, our didn’t do’s, our “should have done”s. Yes, it is good to know where we might have improved. But it doesn’t do us good to beat ourselves up about it. If we do, we wear ourselves down. We get tired, we get emotional and we set that negative self talk into a self perpetuating cycle of self belief that we’re never good enough, or we never get it right or the classic “I always….” (insert your always, go to stance, reaction or way of being).

The fact is that to change this, we need to recognise that we’re sometimes going to get things wrong. We need to take from that any lessons we can in order to move forward and upward. And then we need to turn the perspective around and realise that more often than not, we did the best we could with the facts and details we had at the time. It’s about accepting where we were at, what we did or said and then choosing to learn from it. From there, it’s easier to begin to talk nice to yourself again.

Create yourself a gratitude jar or journal but make the topic specifically about you, yourself, your abilities, your qualities, what it is you bring into the world. That is, write something nice about yourself. You can even ask friends to contribute some nice thoughts about you too. This will be your “medicine” for self talk.

When you find yourself in a perpetual downward negative self talk cycle, prescribe yourself a daily dose of love.

Then, when you’re having a particularly down day, do a lucky dip into the jar or a random page open in a journal and see what all the lovely things are about you and allow that to begin to lift your mood and set you on the upward cycle again.

Remember, create your little jar of love notes to yourself, when you feel down, take a daily dose of love and allow it fuel your positive self talk.

As always, download and save to your desktop or phone or print it and pin it somewhere you’ll see it. When you see it, say it. And if you know someone who would also benefit from this mantra, share it.


Monday Mantra:: The Time Is Now

Monday Mantra The time Is Now

We notice it most for big events. We spend weeks or months planning all the details, we run around collecting this and that and we toss and turn the night before the big day wondering if we’ve forgotten something. Then the day comes and when you wake up in the morning, you’re excited, you’re nervous. The day flies past and before you know it, you’re exhausted from the fun day you’ve had and you’re tucking yourself back into bed again.

I realised at the end of the day, I spent all day running from this person to that person at the event. I didn’t stop all day. And here’s the reason why: The time was always now. I was always in the moment, not thinking what else I needed to do, not who else I needed to speak to, I was just going with the flow of wherever the day and the guests took me. I had a whole lot of fun not worrying about anything but being present. In doing so, It made me acknowledge all the lovely people I have in my life, I was grateful that they could share this time with us. And then it dawned on me that in everyday situations like work, like family life and social life, I get to spend time with these lovely people but I don’t always appreciate it. I realised that I am sometimes thinking about what else needs doing or where I could be or what else I could be doing with the time.

So, this week, I will be practising staying in the moment and appreciating the time I get to spend with the people I surround myself with at work, at home and out and about. I think it will make for a nice, enjoyable week of fun and help to bring every day life back into the present moment.

The Time Is Now.

As always, download and save this Monday Mantra Image to your desktop or phone or print it and pin it somewhere you’ll see it. When you see it, say it. And if you know someone who would also benefit from this mantra, please share it.

Monday Mantra:: I Choose to See Beyond What Is

Monday Mantra I Choose To See Beyond What Is

It’s so easy sometimes to get caught up in your current situation. We focus on how it doesn’t meet our needs or wants, we focus on how it makes us feel in this less than ideal circumstance. But when it comes to actuating change, seeing beyond what is, is the key.

We get what we focus on. Focussing on chaos will show you more chaos, focusing on lack of space, will show you lack of space, focussing on a smooth running office will show you a smooth running office and focussing on all the money you do have, will show you more and more money. It works both in the negative and the positive. So, by choosing to see beyond what is (currently) and choosing to see all the fabulous positive things that you’d like for your future, you can begin to shift your current circumstance.

Yes, you may have less space than you would like, or you may currently have some health concerns but being able to see beyond these will help propel you forward into a future you desire. See yourself in a large, open space. See yourself in perfect health, out and about doing what you love. If you can see yourself doing these things, then it’s possible to get there.

The next trick is to feel it. Really feel what it feels like to be in that wide, open space. Imagine what it feels like in eery cell of your being. Imagine what it smells like, what it sounds like. The more detail you can add, the better.

This also works like the good ‘ol Gratitude effect. Listing all the things you like or can be grateful for about your current experience or situation can begin the shift in your thoughts and feelings which will make looking for the ideal future easier and more effective. The less attached we are to our current situation, the more free we are to invite our ideal situation in.

What in that circumstance can you be grateful for? (write them down and look at them often throughout the day).

If you could see beyond where that situation is at the moment, where would you like to see it evolve to?

What’s the ideal outcome for you?


As always, download and save this Monday Mantra Image to your desktop or phone or print it and pin it somewhere you’ll see it. When you see it, say it. And if you know someone who would also benefit from this mantra, please share it.

Monday Mantra:: I hold the key

Monday-Mantra-I-hold-the-key-kinesiologyI cashed in on my Christmas present from my lovely man last night.

Bubbles & Buble!

We even had a yummy dinner out after our pre-dinner drinks. It was great to be out on a date after almost 12 years together. When we got into the venue, there was of course the merchandise stands. I had been looking for a key ring over the last week so when I saw a Michael Buble key ring, it was sold the second I laid eyes on it.

What occurred to me throughout the evening though was that there was much more to this key ring for me.

A reminder of a lovely evening with my man
Because we get caught up in everyday life, day after day, we sometimes forget to appreciate the time we have together, just the two of us. We have the key to this and that is simply to appreciate the time spent together. Wether that’s over dinner and Michael Buble or over coffee and piece of raisin toast (our recent favourite thing to do in this Melbourne weather). Every moment counts so we choose to appreciate it. Appreciation or gratitude is the key.

Dreams come true
Mr. Buble always mentions how lucky he is to have his dream come true. It’s even more evident now with wife and son and he makes no secret of that. It’s a beautiful thing. Set aside the fact that the world knows who he is, ultimately, he’s a person just like you and I who gets to live his dream doing what he loves with the support of the people he loves. Now, that’s the key – find something you love and people who love and support you and you’ve got the keys to success, regardless of what scale your dream is.

I can help make dreams come
Now, this one is pretty cool too. Yes, it’s easier when you’ve got money or the world supporting you in this endeavour but there is always an opportunity to make dreams come true for others. Last night, Michael Buble took the opportunity to share his time with two young fans. He didn’t have to, but he chose to. The key here is to see the opportunities as they arise and take them on. Even if it’s just to emotionally support someone else while they chase their dreams – that’s a huge key to your success and theirs, because if their dreams come true, it reinforces the idea, the belief that your dreams can come true too.

I don’t intend to be cheesy with this one but this is the number one key:

“Keep on loving what is true and the world will come to you – you can find it in yourself.”

You hold the key to your happiness. Find them and then use them.


As always, save this image to your phone or desktop or print it out and pin it somewhere. When you see it, say it. And if you think someone you know could use this mantra right now, share it. (You could hold the key to their happiness today).


I Hold The Keys




Monday Mantra:: My Life is Infused with Positivity

I chose this mantra today because I have come to some personal awarenesses over the last week that centre around positivity.

I generally believe myself to be a positive, uplifting kind of person. I’m always looking at the bright side of situations, of people, of challenges. That is, except when it comes to my self.

As a health practitioner, I am able to help people see the positive side of many situations and able to guide them into a place of contentment with where they’re at. This is clearly a skill I have taken for granted because I have forgotten to use it with myself.

I was desperate for a Kinesiology balance last week. I had spent all week drawing up a mind map of a pattern I had become aware of. Why was this a pattern? What else is it infused into in my life? Where did it all begin? What else is tied into this pattern? Why? Why? What if? What if? What if? and the list went on and on.

Without realising it, I had got myself into a less than positive state of mind. I was trying too hard to solve the puzzle.

My goal for the session was about allowing myself to persevere. The session was great and I left feeling much clearer and calmer and content with where I was at.

I had a chat to my boyfriend the next day about my initial pattern of not taking responsibility which fed into a feeling of not being good enough, which fed into a feeling of a lack of security which circled around back into responsibility again. It was a good, open chat about where I was at mentally and emotionally. The next day was when the next piece of the puzzle clicked into place.

He asked me about my running. I had been going well until last week, when I withdrew from running and was walking instead. It was too hot last week and my ankle was sore so I was being careful not to aggravate it. “What about your brace?” he asked. Well, I need to stretch it and I can’t stretch it with the brace on it. was my reply. THEN he asked me about perseverance. “How does that fit in with your running and your excuses?”. My initial reaction was to say, “Well, I’m doing the right thing and making sure I don’t set myself back with injury….. blah blah…”. That’s the way I always respond (and by always, I mean ALWAYS). That’s when it dawned on me. All this time my excuses weren’t reasons, they were me throwing in the towel, not persevering. AND then I was getting defensive and looking at all the “what if this goes wrong?”, “What of that goes wrong?”. I was looking at all the negatives, not the positives – me, a Kinesiologist be harsh on myself?!! Time for that to change.

So, here we are at choosing to see life as infused with positivity.

As always, save the image to your desktop, phone, print it out etc. When you see it, say it. And if you like it or think that someone you know could benefit from this mantra, share it.

Choose to see the positives - it can be life changing.

Choose to see the positives – it can be life changing.