Monday Mantra:: I Trust That I Am Enough

Monday Mantra I Trust That I Am Enough

It’s funny how we as humans fall into this trap of needing to prove ourselves. We work extra hours, we fret when we haven’t crossed anything off of our to do list (even when we’ve been running around doing things all day that relate to the “to do’s”) and we beat ourselves up if something doesn’t go to plan.

I think perhaps that this is because on some level, we’re trying to prove to everyone else around us that we’re good enough to be doing that job or to be in that relationship. But there’s no point in proving this to others if we don’t believe it ourselves. Often, we want to prove it to others because deep down, we feel like we’re not good enough (regardless of how good we actually are).

Sometimes, this pattern plays out even if we’re single or unemployed. If we think we’re not good enough, then the universe and other people will reflect that belief back to us.

Here’s the thing though. We are all good enough. If we weren’t good enough, we wouldn’t be in that job or in that relationship so we are good enough. If you’re single, think about all the compliments you’ve received from friends, family and ex-partners – these are all more than good enough qualities to bring into a new relationship. If you’re currently unemployed, look at all the qualities and skills you’ve got listed on your resume. You put them there for a reason, usually because you feel like they are your skills and qualities – these are your “more than good enough” skills and attributes.

I’m not saying that there’s never room for improvement but improvement needs a strong foundation to launch off of. Today, begin by trusting that the work you do, the love you give, the support you offer, the knowledge you have and that you are indeed enough.

As always, download and save this Monday Mantra Image to your desktop or phone or print it and pin it somewhere you’ll see it. When you see it, say it. And if you know someone who would also benefit from this mantra, please share it.

MONDAY MANTRA:: The Enough Series

Here’s a great mantra. This is one I am personally using at the moment. I came to a big awareness last week about responsibility. Long story short, turns out, my current pattern of not taking responsibility stems from a feeling of not feeling “enough” of something. Good enough, Brave enough, smart enough and the list goes on.

It’s a big awareness because this, I have since realised is the under current of almost every situation across work, family, relationships (especially with myself) and even money and spirituality.

Enter the Monday Mantra Enough Series. Week one is all about feeling good enough. Good enough to get that new job, good enough to put yourself out there, good enough to achieve your goals, good enough to go after your goals, good enough to be the best in your field and the list goes on.

Tell me what you’re focussing on being “good enough” for in the comments below and remember to save the image to your phone and repeat the mantra as you open unlock your phone and when you see the mantra on your home screen.

lather, rinse, repeat