Hone It & Own It


I’ve tried to write this post about a million times. Words don’t really do the feeling justice. I am still on a high in a nice, grounded way. Still buzzing. Still processing. But here’s my attempt to explain what happened over the weekend for me.

I attended an Advanced Energy and Anatomy and Medical Intuition workshop last weekend with the amazing Belinda Davidson. It was unlike anything I had experienced before and I walked away from it feeling profoundly different. Not in a loud “AH HA!” kind of a way but in a deeper, inner knowing whispered “oh, now I understand” kind of way. Something clicked in me on so many levels.

From the get go, I knew there was something that was going to shift for me. And not in the way out there “woo woo” kind of way. The approach was grounded and direct with good serve of ‘no-nonsense’. That’s my kind of teacher.

I even awoke on the Saturday morning to ‘someone’ stroking my 6th chakra and a woman standing beside my bed telling me to get up “it’s time”.

While I walked away with many learnings from that weekend, there are some that have sat with me more than others. Here they are:

Looking after my own energy is the key to success
Not just in intuitive practices but in life in general. Again, I knew this intellectually but it had never really clicked for me until this weekend. I think it was the grounded approach to the message that really allowed this set in.

It’s okay to reschedule clients if you’re not in the zone
This one was on an intellectual level a big shift but on an energetic level was again more in the knowing whisper category of awareness. I always felt like I had to push on, push through seeing clients even when I felt tired or a little under the weather. I realise now that not taking time to tend to my own energy is doing my clients a disservice and it actually works in their best interest for me to reschedule if i’m having an off day.

And the biggest thing I got from the workshop was….

I was given the gift of knowing what holding my own energy feels like.
This is something I always knew intellectually was the thing to do. It was something I even thought I was doing in sessions with clients all these years. As it turns out – I was not and it is no wonder I feel so unwell after a week of seeing clients. I am so very grateful for this gift of knowing what it feels like. So still, so peaceful, so calm and light. So at one. Now I know what I need to aim for.

The key here is to hone your energy, your skill, your craft. Don’t just get good at it and then stop. Get great at it, “Aim for Amazing”. Then once you have, it’s really important to step up and own it. In owning it, you respect it. And when you respect it, others do too.

My first step in honing my energy and craft will be to take on some new study. I’m going to dig deeper into the knowledge I already have and I’m going t practice some of the techniques I learnt over the weekend too. I’m going to aim for amazing by honing it and owning it.


PS – if you’re not familiar with Belinda Davidson’s work, check out her website at belindadavidson.com this woman walks the walk.

Monday Mantra:: I Enjoy Everyday Gifts


Today, I have been given the gift of a day off.

When I first got word that I wasn’t needed at work today, my first thought was “uh… but if i don’t work, then I don’t get paid…”. 

This morning though, when I awoke after a little bit of a required sleep in, I got out of bed, put my gym gear on and went for a workout. I walked back home in the beautiful sun that is shining into life today here in Melbourne.

I enjoyed a healthy breakfast and a cup of coffee with some “Dana Realm” YouTube videos playing (Gabrielle Bernstein, Abraham Hicks etc).

Now, as I write this Monday Mantra, I’m lying on the floor in the sun that is streaming though the window. 

I have many things planned for my day off (like beginning my studies in Training and Assessment and pouring some more into the book i’m writing and into the books i’m reading) and am truly excited about having a day to me and loving the fact that it brought up a little awareness for myself too around a belief I apparently have around work and money – “If I don’t work, I don’t get paid.”

So, next time something doesn’t go to plan, find what the gift is in the detour. There is always at least one, often there’s many. 

And even when you’re having a great day, acknowledge the gifts because it’s like training the mind to see the gifts so that when you need to do it when life is not as smooth, it’s a little easier to do.

The detour is always a gift, the trick is to look for it.


As always, download and save to your desktop or phone or print it and pin it somewhere you’ll see it. When you see it, say it. And if you know someone who would also benefit from this mantra, share it.