Journey of a Modern Mystic: A Life Long Practice

As with any adventure you embark on, as the adventure unfolds, you tend feel like nothing has changed because day to day, the shifts aren’t always obvious. Yet, often when we look back at who we were, where we were when we began, we can see the difference and the changes that have taken place. … Continue reading Journey of a Modern Mystic: A Life Long Practice

Monday Mantra:: I Choose New Experiences

It seems too simple doesn't it? Change the way you walk to work, change-up your morning routine, run on a new path in order to shift the energy in your life. When we do the same thing, with the same people, at the same time, on the same day, we become secure in the everyday. And … Continue reading Monday Mantra:: I Choose New Experiences

Monday Mantra:: My Own Power Empowers Others

My power, empowers others with clean, clear and positive energy. If you help others when your energy is contaminated, then you do them a disservice so it's so very okay to look after your own energy first.

Hone It & Own It

I've tried to write this post about a million times. Words don't really do the feeling justice. I am still on a high in a nice, grounded way. Still buzzing. Still processing. But here's my attempt to explain what happened over the weekend for me. I attended an Advanced Energy and Anatomy and Medical Intuition … Continue reading Hone It & Own It

Monday Mantra:: I Protect and Call My Energy Back

I am reminded of this one often. I get home from a day of seeing clients or a full day of teaching and I suddenly feel like I have nothing left. It wasn't until yesterday when a colleague of mine mentioned that they too sometimes feel like they have nothing left to give when they get home. … Continue reading Monday Mantra:: I Protect and Call My Energy Back

Energetically Freezing People Out of Your Space

Here's a little tip for energetically freezing someone (or something) out of your personal boundary or space. I used this personally some years ago when I had a colleague that to be honest, gave me the creeps. It was instant gut reaction to keep information about myself general, very very general. Because he was a colleague, … Continue reading Energetically Freezing People Out of Your Space

Calling Your Energy Back

Okay, I see this with so many clients (and I am guilty of this one too).Caroline Myss puts it really well.You have thousands of energetic cords coming down from source/ god/ angels / universe / higher power (from your belief system)  coming down through the top of your head and plugging into the different areas … Continue reading Calling Your Energy Back

Energy and the Workplace

Have you ever worked for a business where when you started, things were smooth, happy and the people you worked with were a cohesive team and then seemingly out of nowhere you realised that there was a dramatically high turn over of staff, high level of sick days and no matter the team that was … Continue reading Energy and the Workplace