Unlimited Belief

Let nothing hold you back from reaching your true potential

If you watch nature, you’ll find it doesn’t believe in limits. plants grow in cracks in the footpath, trees grow around power lines and through perceived limits.

It’s easy to see a cage as a cage and assume that there is no way out of it. That cage is only ever self imposed if you view it as a cage with no door nor key. If there was a way in, then there is a way out.

Beyond looking at it as something to be conquered, perhaps we need to look at things from another perspective. Is it really a limit? or is it guideline? Is it an absolute? or is it a advisory sign? Is it a boundary or is it an opportunity for an adventure obstacle course?

Don’t let anything hold you back or stop you for aiming, for trying, for growing toward your goals, your dreams or your potential.


Energetically Freezing People Out of Your Space

Energetically Freezing Somone Out of Your Life Dana Atkin Kinesiology

Here’s a little tip for energetically freezing someone (or something) out of your personal boundary or space. I used this personally some years ago when I had a colleague that to be honest, gave me the creeps. It was instant gut reaction to keep information about myself general, very very general. Because he was a colleague, I couldn’t really say “hey, I know we work together but I don’t want to talk to you because you give me the creeps” so I used the following technique to send him to a better job at a better company – and it worked.

This is by no means the only way to do this however, it is a nice, non-invasive, gentle way to shift someone, something or a situation out of your space when you feel that your space and boundaries have been trespassed:

  1. Take a piece of paper
  2. At the top of the piece of paper, write the name of the situation or person you’d like to shift from or within your world
  3. Underneath their name, write a short, lovely letter to your angels, your guides or god of the highest truth and compassion and ask that the person be moved forward to a situation or another person that is able to help them more, who is more comfortable with that person or into a situation that better suited to their needs etc and that is in their highest good to move toward. This step is the most important because it’s about wanting the best for everyone involved, including the person or situation you’re keen to leave behind.
  4. Now take the piece of paper, fold it up and place it in the freezer and as you do, say “thank you” to the angels or guides or higher self for shifting this situation into a more comfortable space for all involved.

Now, await patiently while the person or situation shifts towards a more appropriate outcome for everyone involved.

What if it’s someone who hurt you and who keeps coming back into your life without being invited?
You just need to add a little more to this process, (if you really feel like you have accomplished forgiveness toward the person) write on the back of the piece of paper “I forgive you and I release you.”. This is important because we can easily forget that sometimes it is our inability to forgive a situation or person that holds them in our sphere.

If you haven’t quite accomplished forgiveness, then work on that while the freezer is doing it’s job from an energetic perspective.

Feel free to expand this technique in which ever way feels right for you, just remember that it’s about everyone’s highest good and ultimately, ensuring that everyone gets the best possible outcome is the key to manifesting that energetic freeze.

Now, await patiently while the person or situation shifts towards a more appropriate outcome for everyone involved.

Clearing Negative Energy With Epsom Salts

Epsom Salts for Energy Clearing

Epsom Salts are a pure mineral compound of Magnesium and Sulfate found in Epsom in England.

Epsom Salts are believed to assist in:
Easing stress and relaxing the body
Relieving pain
Helping muscles and nerves to function properly
Assist in preventing hardening of the arteries and blood clots
Assisting in making insulin more effective
Eliminating Toxins from the body

I’d like to talk to you today about how you can use them to assist in the elimination of toxins from the energy around us.

Epsom salts have been used for quite some time to draw out excess moisture from sore or swollen limbs. Most significant injuries will swell as part of the body’s natural defence mechanism. Swelling is how the body shields the limb or joint to protect it from further injury until it has healed enough. I myself have used epsom salts with a swollen ankle by filling a plastic bag with epsom salts and taping it around my ankle to soak up the excess fluid around the injured ankle when It was taking longer than usual for the swelling to go down.

In the same way that Epsom Salts draw the excess moisture, they also have a way of soaking negative energy into it too.

At Work
Put a small bowl or small Tupperware container of epsom salts on your desk. Be sure to replace the slats with fresh salts every few days to avoid a build up of energy.

You can even put some into a mesh pouch and keep it in your pocket. Just make sure your mesh bag is not a loose weave so as not to end up with a trail of epsom salts behind you as it spills out of your bag and pocket!

When you have a change of staff members, before the new person starts, cleanse their chair for them by putting a small pouch of epsom salts in a mesh bag on their chair for a few days to soak up all the old energy from the previous staff member.

At Home
You can put small bowls of epsom salts in the main living areas to assist in the detoxification of energy. Again, ensure you change the salts every few days to avoid a build up of energy.

You can have an epsom salt bath – follow the instructions on the packaging. On days where you feel emotionally and physically drained, an epsom salt bath will assist to remove the negative energies from the body. I have regular epsom salt baths (even if it’s just soaking my feet in the epsom salt water), to renew my energies after working with many clients throughout the week on the energetic level, I find I end up with headaches, tiredness, not feeling quite right and a sugar high/sugar low feeling. These are my signs that it’s Epsom Salt detox time so that I can feel like myself again.

Crystal Cleansing
These salts can also be used to cleanse crystals by placing some into a small, shallow bowl and placing your crystals into the salts for a few hours.

There are many ways you can use epsom salts to cleanse energies around you. Find something that works for you and give it a go and let me know what changes you’ve noticed by implementing the Epsom Salt Cleanse Technique.

Happy cleansing!