Unlimited Belief

If you watch nature, you'll find it doesn't believe in limits. plants grow in cracks in the footpath, trees grow around power lines and through perceived limits. It's easy to see a cage as a cage and assume that there is no way out of it. That cage is only ever self imposed if you … Continue reading Unlimited Belief

Buying In To Yourself

If you're always on sale, then you're not receiving what you're worth. And if you're always on sale then do people really appreciate you for your real qualities? What if you didn't sell yourself short? What if your morals couldn't be bought? What if you didn't sell out on your dream? or your gifts? What if … Continue reading Buying In To Yourself

Your Dream Is Worth The Risk

I get to meet some pretty amazing people in my line of work. They don't always know it but they are amazing, loving, generous and kind people. They're people who want to chase their dreams. They dream of their own business, they dream of finding their purpose and they dream of being confident, of being … Continue reading Your Dream Is Worth The Risk

Dream Chaser or Dream Catcher?

The answer of course is both. I have had Dream Chasers (see image below) in my mind as a series of gift cards with a very unique application for months and months on end. Then dream catchers were jumping out at me like signs from the universe. When I mentioned this to my beloved, he said … Continue reading Dream Chaser or Dream Catcher?