Journey of a Modern Mystic: A Life Long Practice

As with any adventure you embark on, as the adventure unfolds, you tend feel like nothing has changed because day to day, the shifts aren’t always obvious. Yet, often when we look back at who we were, where we were when we began, we can see the difference and the changes that have taken place. … Continue reading Journey of a Modern Mystic: A Life Long Practice

Lessons from Mother Nature

It's interesting how a plant can be viewed by a dozen people and be seen differently by each and every one. Yet, regardless of how we look at it, it's own inherent nature still resides there. It remains unchanged. It is not swayed by our perceptions of it. It is not changed by the filters we … Continue reading Lessons from Mother Nature

Monday Mantra:: My Own Power Empowers Others

My power, empowers others with clean, clear and positive energy. If you help others when your energy is contaminated, then you do them a disservice so it's so very okay to look after your own energy first.

Energetically Freezing People Out of Your Space

Here's a little tip for energetically freezing someone (or something) out of your personal boundary or space. I used this personally some years ago when I had a colleague that to be honest, gave me the creeps. It was instant gut reaction to keep information about myself general, very very general. Because he was a colleague, … Continue reading Energetically Freezing People Out of Your Space