Lessons from Mother Nature

It's interesting how a plant┬ácan be viewed by a dozen people and be seen differently by each and every one. Yet, regardless of how we look at it, it's own inherent nature still resides there. It remains unchanged. It is not swayed by our perceptions of it. It is not changed by the filters we … Continue reading Lessons from Mother Nature

Monday Mantra:: I focus on what I want

This can be a bit of tricky one. It's a fine balance between focusing on what isn't there and focussing on what you want to be there. I hear it all the time. Here are some examples: I want a relationship and I've been focussing on a relationship (so why I am I still single?) … Continue reading Monday Mantra:: I focus on what I want

Unexpected Treasures

On my way into work today, I saw a weed growing from a crack in the pathway. Not long after that, I saw a crow eating bugs not from the ground or in flight, but from a side view mirror of a parked car and then again at the train station, birds were hunting the … Continue reading Unexpected Treasures