Lessons from Mother Nature

Inherent Nature of All Things Dana Atkin

It’s interesting how a plant can be viewed by a dozen people and be seen differently by each and every one. Yet, regardless of how we look at it, it’s own inherent nature still resides there. It remains unchanged. It is not swayed by our perceptions of it. It is not changed by the filters we apply to the images we take of it. It doesn’t change it’s self in order become more for us. It is what it is and it is content with it.

We could learn a lot from mother nature. It’s so easy to get caught up in what other people think of us. It’s easy to believe that we should be, ought to be or could be rather than believing in who we are, as we are, right here and now.

It’s easier to believe what people think we should be, ought to be or could be rather than believing in who we are, as we are, right here and now.

We would save ourselves so much inner turmoil if we were to remain still and centred like nature does and simply do what we do best, grow. Naturally.

Eckhart Tolle, in his book Stillness Speaks, refers of the inherent stillness in nature and it’s ability to remain solid and still in the midst of external forces. Nature does not fight against the circumstances it finds it’s self in, it thrives by remaining true to it’s self and by finding new ways. It grows in cracks of pathways, it grows around and over buildings and bridges and rocks and even grows in the mud.

If we say to the plant “you’re not capable of growing there”, does the plant believe this and cease to grow? No. It grows anyway.

Monday Mantra:: I focus on what I want

Monday Mantra What I Want

This can be a bit of tricky one. It’s a fine balance between focusing on what isn’t there and focussing on what you want to be there.

I hear it all the time. Here are some examples:

  1. I want a relationship and I’ve been focussing on a relationship (so why I am I still single?)
  2. I want a new, fun job and I’ve been focussing on that but nothing has come yet (and until then I’m stuck in a job I don’t love)
  3. I want to lose 5kg and I’ve been focussing on the dress I want to fit into (and every time I get on those scales, and nothing has changed).

The trick is to find what you want in the future in your current situation. For example:

Invest in a relationship with yourself. Take yourself out on a date. Go out to dinner, take yourself to the movies. But go on your own because you’re developing a relationship with yourself. You could take a journal with you and ask yourself some good “get to know you” questions and write your responses. Get to know YOU.

When you go to work each day, focus on what you actually like about the job, the people, the business. Focus on what that part feels like and let that be your anchor towards what you want.

When you get on the scales after a week of exercise and good food, say to yourself, “This is feedback on how my body feels right now, in this moment of time and I can help it to feel even better”. The idea is that instead of reinforcing the thought and feeling of “Urgh, I haven’t lost any weight”, you’re reinforcing that the body will feel better and that this is only a snapshot of what it feels like now. Then when you notice a reduction in weight, say to yourself on the scales, “Great, the body is feeling better and I can help it to feel even better again.”

If your example is not above, on apiece of paper, write out what you want on the left hand side and then on the right hand side, write the rest of the sentence but….

Eg. I want more money but I keep getting more bills.

Then, work out what the positive outlook is on the “But” section and then, work out how you can make yourself feel like you already have what you want from the “what I want” section.

As always, download and save this Monday Mantra Image to your desktop or phone or print it and pin it somewhere you’ll see it. When you see it, say it. And if you know someone who would also benefit from this mantra, please share it.

Unexpected Treasures

if you choose to look for them, treasures can be found

if you choose to look for them, treasures can be found

On my way into work today, I saw a weed growing from a crack in the pathway.

Not long after that, I saw a crow eating bugs not from the ground or in flight, but from a side view mirror of a parked car and then again at the train station, birds were hunting the crevices of the platforms for food.

What came to mind was this simple little statement:

In the crevices of industry, treasures can be found

That is, if you choose to adapt to your surroundings and the circumstances presented, however unnatural they may feel or be, there can be treasures – if you choose to seek them out.

Happy treasure hunting…