My Kinesiology Journey: Chapter Two Begins

"It was as if this opportunity was meant for her. The timing and the availability all seemed to fit perfectly into her plans for the future."That's how this chapter opens. I have been working with the college where I studied for the last few months in an administrative capacity on a casual basis and so … Continue reading My Kinesiology Journey: Chapter Two Begins

“thinks” (outside the canavs)

Such a wise man, that Dr. Seuss. So many people assume that they are not creative when in fact they don't even try. Or they simply think that they can't paint or draw. But being creative is so much more than a pretty canvas or drawing. Creativity is in almost every thing you do. It's … Continue reading “thinks” (outside the canavs)

choose to follow your dream

How often do we say "yes" to things that people ask us to do? I say "yes" all too often and then wonder why I haven't had the time to do what I want to do. A friend of mine said to me the other day that in order to get to where you want … Continue reading choose to follow your dream