Self Development Not for the Faint Hearted

Working on yourself can be HARD work. Especially when you're fighting your ego the entire way and dragging yourself kicking and screaming towards change like a stubborn toddler throwing a tantrum.  It is not easy. It was never meant to be. We're re-wiring our brain, our beliefs and our attitudes and that's hard stuff sometimes. … Continue reading Self Development Not for the Faint Hearted

Levelling Up

Many of my students ask me about life as they work through the Kinesiology course. What happens is this: During the course, they work on all their old "stuff" and working on all the old "stuff" helps us release the heaviness from ourselves, and as we release that, we raise ourselves up. We raise our … Continue reading Levelling Up

The Chameleon Effect

A chameleon is recognised for it’s unique ability to blend into its surroundings. It is a natural survival skill of the creature. As human beings, we see this quality as a benefit. The ability to adapt to any environment and blend in can be useful in many situations but does it do more harm than … Continue reading The Chameleon Effect

Monday Mantra:: A perceived small change can make a big impact

Known as a divine paradox. What looks big is small, what looks small is big. Just because something appears to be a mountain, it is very likely a molehill. What appears to be a small gesture can very well mean the world to someone. Never underestimate the power of small things. One of my favourite … Continue reading Monday Mantra:: A perceived small change can make a big impact

The Cycle of Change: Anger

The Cycle of Change: Anger Following on from last months cycle of change article about denial, the next stage of change and grief is anger. Now remember that these stages don’t just relate to grief in the traditional sense. You can grieve an old way of being because change can be scary and to let … Continue reading The Cycle of Change: Anger

Monday Mantra:: With Faith, All Things Are Possible

As dream chaser, it's so important not to lose faith even when it seems like all is lost, like that horizon is too far away, when it feels like it will never come together, it's the perseverance to get through those times that empowers the dream, it drives it, it pulls it closer and it … Continue reading Monday Mantra:: With Faith, All Things Are Possible

The Cycle of Change: Denial

The Cycle of Change: Denial Change can be difficult for many people. Even our biology, our body is hardwired for survival. And because we’ve survived up until now with things exactly the way they have always been, then why should we change anything, right? There is a process that we all go through with every … Continue reading The Cycle of Change: Denial

Monday Mantra:: I Am Brave Enough

How brave are you? Sometimes, one of the bravest things we can do is to look at what's really holding us back. Her are some questions to get you thinking about what might be holding you back from achieving your goals: If you already had what you're aiming for, if you already achieved that goal … Continue reading Monday Mantra:: I Am Brave Enough

Unexpected Treasures

On my way into work today, I saw a weed growing from a crack in the pathway. Not long after that, I saw a crow eating bugs not from the ground or in flight, but from a side view mirror of a parked car and then again at the train station, birds were hunting the … Continue reading Unexpected Treasures

My Kinesiology Journey: Chapter Two Begins

"It was as if this opportunity was meant for her. The timing and the availability all seemed to fit perfectly into her plans for the future."That's how this chapter opens. I have been working with the college where I studied for the last few months in an administrative capacity on a casual basis and so … Continue reading My Kinesiology Journey: Chapter Two Begins