Monday Mantra:: I Choose to Invest in My Trust Fund

Monday Mantra I Choose To Invest In My Trust Fund

This Monday Mantra is influenced by a story that Caroline Myss tells of a woman and her husband. (I cannot remember the exact story, so I’ll give you the basic idea using what I can remember of the story).

The gentleman was looking at their bank account and was concerned because according to their statement, they had nothing there. $0. All their savings were gone and there was literally no money left in their account. When he mentioned this to his wife, she said “Well, what about the trust fund?”. To which he replied that it had indeed all appeared to be gone. The wife then said “No, lets make some deposits into our TRUST fund. Let’s send out some positive thoughts and prayer and trust that this will all work out fine.” And it did. A few days later, all their money was returned into their accounts. It had been a bank error all along.

The point is that sometimes, we can be so busy looking at the problem, over and over again until it becomes the dominating thought and eventually all the things that surround us are viewed from our pessimistic scope. But the moment we begin to start depositing and investing into our trust fund, trusting that everything will work out in the right timing for everyone involved is exactly when we begin to see the return on our investment.

So, today make an effort to invest in your trust fund. You do this with today’s mantra as a beginning point. If you’re a creative or you just like the idea, create a jar for your trust fund. Instead of putting gratitude notes in, put in reasons why you trust that everything will work out fine. You could put in “I know that everything will work out fine because I’m getting signs from the universe that it will” or “I know everything will work out fine because it did last time” etc etc. Make it something meaningful for you.

Choose to invest in your trust fund.

As always, download and save this Monday Mantra Image to your desktop or phone or print it and pin it somewhere you’ll see it. When you see it, say it. And if you know someone who would also benefit from this mantra, please share it.

Calling Your Energy Back

Okay, I see this with so many clients (and I am guilty of this one too).

Caroline Myss puts it really well.

You have thousands of energetic cords coming down from source/ god/ angels / universe / higher power (from your belief system)  coming down through the top of your head and plugging into the different areas of your body and energy field.

Often though, we find ourselves plugging into and energetically financing memories, situations, people and circumstances which we ought not and we’re too busy investing our energy elsewhere that we leave none for ourselves.


On a spiritual level, this can include investing time, energy and resources into a client who isn’t willing to do the work they need to do in order to get the changes they want.

Here’s a simple way (and my personal preference of visualisation) for reinvesting in yourself, pulling out the plugs from the areas you no longer want to be plugged into.

Imagine you are a vacuum cleaner with thousands of energy plugs. Some you’ve kept attached and plugged into who you are, into what you want and some you’re plugged into work colleagues, partners, old hurts etc. Now your vacuum cleaner has a retract button so whenever you push it, visualise all the plugs being coiled back into your energetic system, back into financing you.

Stop investing all your energy into things that do not serve you. Dana Atkin, Kinesiologist

Stop investing all your energy into things that do not serve you. Dana Atkin, Kinesiologist