Monday Mantra:: I Listen to my Body

Monday-Matnra-Listen-Body-KinesiologyYour body is always talking to you.

I’m tired, I’m Hungry, I’m uncomfortable (all of course are on both the physical and metaphysical levels).

Here’s how I listened to my body yesterday: I did nothing except the grocery shopping.

I laid on the couch all day. I had a very long week, I was exhausted and “off colour” all week. Out for dinner two nights, late clients all week, an interview and numerous clients. Now, i had the choice for the two nights out to dinner. I could have said no but I chose to ignore my body. Then after a very late night Saturday night with a friend’s black tie wedding (which was a whole lot of fun but oh so long to get ready for as a woman going to a black tie event), my body was saying “STOP”. So instead of my usual Groceries, cooking meals for the week, including lunches, I laid on the couch and after a good 10 hours sleep last night, I feel pretty good today.

Now, if I had of listened to my body and said no to a few things during the week, chances are that I would not be behind for the week already with cooking but I would have enjoyed my Sunday a bit more too.

What is your body trying to tell you? Are you listening? or are you ignoring its signs and signals?

If it’s tiredness, take a break.
If it’s an unusual symptom and you’re worried, go to the doctor.
If it’s a sick feeling after certain foods, try to remove those foods.
If it’s a an uncomfortable feeling in a certain place, listen to that and investigate what exactly might be causing it.

Your body is always talking to you!

As always, download the image and save it to your phone or desktop, print it and pin it somewhere and when you see it, say it. And if you think someone else could benefit from this Mantra, share it.

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Kinesiology Is Not A Magic Bullet

Apple Healthy Low ResKinesiology is not a magic bullet. Kinesiology requires you to look at yourself, your patterns, your thoughts, behaviours and your emotions. It’s not always easy but it is always worth it.

I have the benefit of working in both a specialist kinesiology centre as well as a multidisciplinary clinic. Here’s what I have noticed.

People are typically looking for a quick fix so when they’re presented with a quick fix versus a you need to do a lot of work to get what you want approach, more often than not, the quick fix wins. Can’t blame them there, really – It would be great if these worked all the time with permanent results.

There are remarkably more cancellations at the multidisciplinary clinic. I believe that this is two-fold.

  1. The quick fix is usually a quick appointment time (15-20 minutes) so the perceived value of that practitioners time is typically diminished and
  2. People tend to not value the quick fix in quite the same way as they do the long steady progress (sometimes this is conscious, sometimes subconsciously)

In the specialist clinic, people who come to see me make and keep their appointments, show up early for their sessions and are genuinely upset if they have to cancel. In fact, I once had a client offer to pay me double if I could stay behind and see them out of usual business hours. While that was not a service I could offer, it certainly was a clear sign of someone who knows the value of Kinesiology!

Now, think about how old you are.

It took you that many years to learn some of your habits, your ways of doing things, your ways of survival.

How long do you think it takes to re-wire those learnings? Certainly not 20 minutes!

It’s not going to be a quick fix. And if it is, it won’t always be a lasting one.

That’s not to say that a quick fix won’t ever fix the concern at hand. Not at all. In fact, sometimes this is just what the body needs. I’m simply saying that sometimes your body and wellbeing deserve more than just a quick fix. It deserves to have you really think about the best approach to help it in the long-term, not just the short-term.

So next time you’re looking for a practitioner for a recurring injury, concern or issue think about how long you’ve had that concern for and then think about how long it will realistically take to rectify the situation and make an informed choice on how best to approach your wellbeing. It’s also important to remember that It’s absolutely okay too to blend approaches for the best benefit of your body. Use a mix of two or three different modalities to get the best results for you.