Courage was the word I chose to describe this year. This is my theme for the year. And so far? So FABULOUS! Where do I start? 

So far this year, I have put my art up for sale on Facebook, I have put my hand up for an opportunity to exhibit my art (which will be happening next week), I have accepted an opportunity to illustrate for a children’s book and I have 3 speaking engagements in March alone. Why are these things congruent with my theme? Because I am not exactly comfortable in the spot light. That said, I have been getting some Kinesiology balances around building my confidence on this and so far, it has been having an amazing effect!

Next on my courage list is to work towards putting my Tarot and Intuitive readings “out there”. I’m still working on this one but I’m pretty sure that that’s just around the corner for me too.

“Risks bust be taken, for the greater risk is to risk nothing” 

“thinks” (outside the canavs)


Such a wise man, that Dr. Seuss. So many people assume that they are not creative when in fact they don’t even try. Or they simply think that they can’t paint or draw. But being creative is so much more than a pretty canvas or drawing.

Creativity is in almost every thing you do. It’s in creating a meal and presenting well on the plate. It’s pouring a latte with a decorative symbol or image in the froth. It’s wrapping a gift, writing in a card and putting your outfit together each morning.

There are so many ways to be creative in life. Don’t limit yourself to the canvas – your creativity may lie somewhere where you least expected it to be.