Monday Mantra:: I enjoy the space between

Where are you now? Where do you want to be? What's stopping you from enjoying the space between the two places? It's easy to get lost in the striving, in the working, in the doing. When you have a goal or life situation in mind and you're spending all your time focussing on it, it … Continue reading Monday Mantra:: I enjoy the space between

Making Space

When you want something, when you're calling it in, and doing all the "right things" and that something is not coming your way, perhaps it's because there's not enough room for it to be in your realm. Making space could mean finding space physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially, energetically etc. There's more than one way … Continue reading Making Space

Unlimited Belief

If you watch nature, you'll find it doesn't believe in limits. plants grow in cracks in the footpath, trees grow around power lines and through perceived limits. It's easy to see a cage as a cage and assume that there is no way out of it. That cage is only ever self imposed if you … Continue reading Unlimited Belief

Lessons from Mother Nature

It's interesting how a plant can be viewed by a dozen people and be seen differently by each and every one. Yet, regardless of how we look at it, it's own inherent nature still resides there. It remains unchanged. It is not swayed by our perceptions of it. It is not changed by the filters we … Continue reading Lessons from Mother Nature

Thank You & You’re Welcome

They're small phrases that sit front of mind for me often these days. You see, I've been doing some work in customer service recently and I've become aware that there is a large number of people out there who think that if they thrown a tantrum, make threats to leave or not recommend someone that they'll … Continue reading Thank You & You’re Welcome

Perception & The Written Word

When you read emails day in day out at work, it can become easy to begin to see these as human interactions. We make them more emotional, even reading them in our own mind in the tone of voice we perceive that person to have written the email. When you write an email, do you … Continue reading Perception & The Written Word

in the absence of labels, just be.

It's funny how we feel the need to define things. To give them labels and names and ideas based on our perceptions and influences. But what if we were to not define things, but simply let them be as they are, not what they are? What if we were no longer labelled as a wife, as … Continue reading in the absence of labels, just be.

The Unplug Initiative

I've decided that now is the time to unplug. While the universe has certainly given me some unplugging it's self (jobs, places and people), I think - no - I FEEL like it's time for some unplugging initiative. I'm going to begin with a Facebook Fast. This by far is my biggest rival for my … Continue reading The Unplug Initiative

Little Sparkle, Big Shine

Did you know that when we find that something that lights us up, our whole world shifts? When we have that sparkle, it makes everything else sparkle too. Our work life feels a little brighter, our family life feels brighter, we feel brighter and life feels filled with opportunity. And if we pursue the sparkle, … Continue reading Little Sparkle, Big Shine

Why you need to trust your instincts when looking for a health practitioner

I've come across a few lovely clients who have quite literally been put through the ringer by some people who have posed themselves as the be all and end all in the health and wellness world. Being confident in your profession is one thing, but arrogance and disregard for the health and wellbeing of others … Continue reading Why you need to trust your instincts when looking for a health practitioner