Purpose & Pursuit: Hold Still & Allow It

Cape Otway Lighthouse trail

On honeymoon recently, we stopped in to check out the lighthouse at Cape Otway. At first, it was any lighthouse attraction. Then, as the time went past, I realised there was more going on there from an energetic perspective (predominantly for myself) but there was also a lesson there that I’d like to share with you.

This tourist attraction had a small “park like” attraction set. A walk where you could find information on the area and it’s uses over the years. These included a Dinosaur hut with information on dinosaurs in Australia. A signalling station where the first telegraph line was set up between the mainland and Tasmania, a little mystery with a missing pilot who disappeared after reporting an craft that was “not an aircraft” hovering above him. A lighthouse, a cafe (with surprisingly good coffee) and a world war two radar dugout.

To set this up, I need to also explain that I somehow felt connected here. I saw trees along the way that were “dead” to the naked eye yet alive with energy. I somehow felt like I was meant to be there. As this post continues, I’ve put words in italics where there was a deeper message for me in this tourist attraction.

The dinosaurs at the time, was not my thing. I realise now that this was a little more meaningful symbolically as “Ancient” or “Primal“.

The signal station immediately had me guarding my energy without me even consciously thinking about it – I was just doing it. And the sound of morse code ticking in the background creeped me out. The signal somehow was instilling fear. In one of the rooms there was a piece on a young girl that jumped out at me and then in one of the rooms that smelt intensely of Frankincense, I could sense a woman in the spirit world, sitting in the corner sipping her tea. It was like me knowing she was there was our little secret. An interesting interaction.

Then came the information piece about the missing pilot who disappeared under mysterious circumstances. The mystery and the unknown.

Next was the light house. It was still in it’s raw way. The way it was built. Nothing fancy added other than a lick of paint or two. It was what it was. It still is what it is. It’s a lighthouse. It hasn’t become anything else to please the tourists who visit there daily, it has always been it’s self and there to full fill it’s purpose. To light the shore, to guide the ships that pass by.  Hold still at your core and you become a beacon for guidance to find you.

Now the dug out. While it seems to be all about war, for me it was about the word ‘radar’. A way of being in tune with what surrounds us. And the viewing lens was a reminder that perspective is always key. That by focusing on where we’re at right now doesn’t mean that all our wants and desires are not there, in fact, they are there, we just need to look further, look deeper, within, not outside of ourselves.

Then on the final little trial back to the beginning, was a spot that beckoned me to take a photo (which I’ve included above). It just felt magical, like a fairy garden. This was all about following the impulses of intuition.

Ultimately, this expedition was a lesson in mindfulness (which is perfect timing for my SoMM learnings). It was all about being where you are, being present and mindful and knowing that when you’re in that space, all mysteries open up to us and we can be more accurately guided and therefore in a better, more “still” position in which to hear that guidance and take inspired action when it calls.


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Signs from the universe: A Higher Love

A Higher Love Signs from the Universe The universe speaks to us all if we choose to listen. I had the most amazing chain of signs this morning and they all felt like they were orchestrated just for me. Walking down the street, running some errands, I see a piece of concrete in the shape of a heart. In the post office, the attendant who was helping me with some express post envelopes – completely out of nowhere, for no reason whatsoever, very left field tangent – shows me the latest issue stamps for valentines day (see picture). Then, while I’m writing out my express post envelope, the radio begins to play Steve Winwood’s Higher Love! Hellooo Up There! I love you too… 🙂 What signs are you receiving loud and clear?

The Tale of The Priest

SO when I was much younger, in my early primary school days our school would always go to church on Friday mornings. We’d all pile out of the school and walk a block to the local church. Mind you, we lived in a small country town at the time so it was also the only church.

I remember that church fairly well. There were two priests and when one of them died, I remember attending the funeral at that church.

Fast forward some ten or 15 years or so.

I walked in to the office I shared with a colleague and asked if anyone could smell the frankincense. My colleague looked at me as if I was strange (fair enough), “no” she replied. “the boss just had an orange, and put his peel in your bin – is that what you can smell?”. Nope, it was definitely frankincense. I had to get out of there, the smell was so strong. I grabbed my coat and bag and headed out for lunch. I just felt like someone was watching me.

As I was crossing the street, I thought I saw a lady in a white dress walking in the middle of the road. When I turned to check she was okay, she was nowhere to be seen. In fact, there was no-one to be seen. I dismissed it and continued to find some lunch.

On my way back to the office, I noticed a car pulling up alongside me as I walking. I was a little nervous as there weren’t many people around but my nerves were calmed when I noticed that the card was full of elderly people. “Excuse me, do you know where the star of the sea church is?”. Unfortunately, I had seen it but could not remember where it was exactly. Odd I thought that they were comfortable to pull up and ask a complete stranger where this church was.

I felt odd all day. I couldn’t shake this feeling like someone was watching me and in fact, I felt so odd that when I got home, I mentioned that feeling to my mum.

Two weeks later.

Mum called me. She had been back to our old country town to visit friends. What she said next still gives me those goose bump tingles.

She said “you know how you felt like someone was watching you and that you saw the lady in the white dress and could smell frankincense and that car full of old people asked for directions to a church?”

“Yeah”, I replied

“Well, the other priest died that week.”

It was then that I realised he was with me that day. It was a priest in the white cloak, not a woman in a white dress. And the frankincense was the smell he used at the other priests funeral.

And to this day, I still get a taste or smell of frankincense when someone I know passes away.