I choose to look on the bright side

Easier said than done for some in the madness, the crowds, the endless social engagements and work wrap-ups underway. It’s easy to get frustrated at the lack of car parks at shopping centres, the tiresome pursuit of the perfect gift and at the family always being on your back about something that you either have or haven’t done.

It sometimes helps to put things in perspective.

  1. Aren’t we lucky we have a car to go do the shopping in?
  2. Aren’t we lucky that we have money to buy our loved ones gifts this holiday season?
  3. Aren’t we lucky to have our family with us for christmas another year?
  4. Arent we lucky we have homes to go to?
  5. Aren’t we lucky that we are welcomed into lovely homes for Christmas breakfast, Christmas lunch and dinners?
  6. Aren’t we lucky that we have friends to catch up with?
  7. Aren’t we lucky that we have a job to wrap things up for before the holidays?
  8. Aren’t we lucky?!

So for those of you who still have a few last bits and pieces to pick up before Christmas day or still have a number of social commitments or are working down to the wire, remember that if we choose to see it from the bright side, the days will indeed be light.



3 Key Secrets To Seeing Magic

Universe Has My Back Dana Atkin Energy Healing

I’m going to let you in on a little secret or three on what it takes to see magic in your everyday life. The truth is actually very simple it’s just that in our grown up world, we are taught to be realistic, to question everything and to be serious about life and look for the big things.

Secret Number 3 to seeing magic: Know that magic isn’t always big or flashy.

Children are the best at seeing magic in everyday things. I was thinking recently of a beautiful little girl (about 4 years old) who was the daughter of a colleague many years ago who came in to visit her dad at the office. She was asking about the work my other colleague and I were doing and we were just generally having a chat when the conversation dwindled and there was a pause. The little girl looked down at her feet quietly then suddenly looked up with this ‘Eureka!’ facial expression followed by the words “I’ve got an idea – Let’s Dance!” and she proceeded to dance right there in the middle of the office. It was just magical to watch this little girl have the best idea ever and then proceed to go for it regardless of where she was or who was watching.

Secret Number 2 to seeing magic: Trust that there is magic.

Young children are the best at seeing magic in things and people because they haven’t been conditioned out of it yet. They trust that there’s magic out there and trust is met with proof by the universe.

What if we were to peel back some of that conditioning we adults have built up? What if we were to look at things and instead of claim “oh – what a coincidence” or “I had this chance encounter” or “Funny, I was just thinking about that person” or “how unusual” we could instead say “Wow, now that’s pretty magical”.

Secret Number 1 to seeing magic:  look for the magic.

If I didn’t keep my eye out for magic each day, I wouldn’t see it. And if I didn’t look out for it, the universe wouldn’t be able to show me magic either.

If I wasn’t trusting that there was magic out there for me, and I was too busy awaiting a neon sign, not looking at the details of everyday life, then I would have missed some magic recently in the form of crows.

Crows for me represent Universal Law (or the Law of Attraction / Universe Generally). I sat down in a local park recently to do a 7minute visualisation for my Throat Chakra. When I chose the seat, there was a crow wandering around in front of it and I thought that was a pretty good sign. So I sat, closed my eyes and completed my visualisation. When I opened my eyes, stretched and stood up, behind me were another 13 crows and 2 sitting in the trees above me calling out to the world. THIS was a magical sign. It was telling me that if I call out to the universe (hello throat Chakra), to the world, that it will respond. If I wasn’t trusting that there was magic out there, if I wasn’t knowing that simple things can be magical and if I wasn’t looking out for magic in my life then I would not have taken the above photograph and I would probably not be writing this article for you right now.

Keep an eye out for magic and trust it’s there because as soon as you do this, the universe will conspire to show you it’s true.

Have a magical week…

in the absence of labels, just be.

It’s funny how we feel the need to define things. To give them labels and names and ideas based on our perceptions and influences.

But what if we were to not define things, but simply let them be as they are, not what they are?

What if we were no longer labelled as a wife, as a mother, as a daughter or father or son? What if we were no longer known as a lawyer or gardener or runner or artist? How would you define yourself? Would you define yourself?

I’ve written about the mantra “I Am.”  a couple of times before You can find them here and here.)

I found myself pondering what to write, and I typed a few titles to begin with but nothing really felt right and none of them really felt like they went with the content of what I was about to type and in not knowing what to call this entry, I found my entry in it’s self.

As soon as I give an article a title, I feel constrained by it. My article needs to stick with that title, it needs to reflect that title and it should ultimately be all about that title. But notice how this also applies to each title or label we give the people in our lives (ourselves included) and notice how each of them has a set of “expectations” of behaviour, or qualities required in order to live up to that label.

Be careful when you define yourself or others by a label or a title. Be sure that you’ve allowed yourself the freedom to also sway from the pre-determined expectations of that title if you choose it. Also, give others the same freedom to sway from their own titles and labels because they too have set themselves the task of conforming to a pre-determined set of expectations that may not fit with who they really are.

When you find yourself all caught up in the labels and expectations, refer back to the mantra “I am.” Full stop. End of sentence. You are. And that, is more than enough.




Journey of a Modern Mystic: A little time out

It occurred to me today that it’s been a while since my last post. This was not intentional at all but perhaps was needed.

You see, I’ve started a journey. It’s not entirely a new journey at all but it is definitely the first I have fully embraced as part of my energetically drawn self, my spiritual side, my intuitive side.

I’ve begun the Level 1 of Belinda Davidson’s School of The Modern Mystic (SoMM – see details and link below). While it was my intention to blog my way through this from go to whoa, I found myself holding on to this, just for me.

When I began studying Reiki and Tarot and Kinesiology, it was all about helping other people. Which of it’s self is a great thing, but when you do this at the expense of yourself and your own needs, it can get tiring, draining and very overwhelming. There are so many people to help!

So, when enrolled in SoMM, I decided that above all else, this course would be for me. Me first. I think that’s why I’ve found it so difficult to write a full post on the topic (I’ve got numerous drafts but nothing ever felt right to publish) because on some level, I needed it to be just for me. Perhaps at some point, I’ll be ready to share more of this journey with you all.

Right now, I find myself though compelled to share the fact that it’s okay to have something for yourself. Something that is for you. That’s not about healing the world, that’s not about taking care of everyone else, but simply about you holding space for you.

Yes, It’s easier said than done.

For me, I spend 35 minutes per day meditating (some days I don’t, some days I procrastinate which is just resistance but hey, I’m human). And then I spend a couple of hours on a Monday at the start of each SoMM module soaking in the course content and honouring each Chakra and each element as it arises. I give myself the gift of space and time to work on myself and the things that are important for me because without them, I don’t ever really feel like I’m 100% being my authentic self nor am I 100% present for all the other people and things in my life.

Start small. It can be as simple as 15 minutes you take out of your day to sit quietly and sip a cup of tea, just because you feel like it. It’s actually about honouring yourself and your needs and wants. Rather than running around the house thinking “argh, I have to get all this done before the kids get home” or feeling that being productive means getting things done and that’s more important. Sometimes, being productive means slowing down, taking a moment or 5 for yourself to centre back into being you again. If you feel good, you’ll get more stuff done anyway and you’re less likely to resent the things you have to do.

I officially give you permission to do something for yourself this week. Take a little time out for yourself, for YOU, for the fun of it, because you want to, because you deserve it and because above all, you are important too.

SoMM is the School of the Modern Mystic. It’s a self awareness, self love and spiritual practice. It’s a school where you learn first hand how your chakras work within yourself and your life. I can’t recommend it more highly. In fact, I’m also a proud affiliate because I love this course and what it’s meant for me and my life so far. If you’re interested in knowing more or would to know when the school opens, you can click the below link:

Belinda Davidson's School of the Modern Mystic starts September 29th!


I saw a drawing on the pavement on the way to work yesterday. It was beautiful on so many levels. It was in bright coloured chalk across a long section of footpath. It had clearly defined start and end lines and was filled with rainbows, sunshine and smiley faces and flowers. And at each beginning line were the words: When you walk here, you DANCE!

It was kinda liberating. It was in sync with some Chakra work i’ve been immersing myself in for the 2nd Chakra which is all about joy, desire and being creative and uninhibited. What a perfect reminder it was!

It so common that we hide ourselves. We stuff ourselves, our true selves, deep down into our body and psyche for fear of what others may think. We become the person we think they want us to be. We become the person we think will be “successful”. We become the person we think will be liked, adored, loved and respected.

Then, one day we awaken miserable and we don’t know why. Life has lost it’s shine and sparkle and the thought of getting up and going out into the world as this “person” just feels too heavy.

It’s then we seek out advice, we seek a solution to the mundane day-to-day existence. It’s then we go searching. And yet, often it seems that we come face to face with who we’ve become, not who we really are. And so what we really go searching for is ourselves. Often, we’ve had it all along but we’ve painted over our true selves and all it takes is a little unravelling. Yes, sometimes there are more pieces to collect of who we are but ultimately, at our very core, we’ve had us all along.

Perhaps it’s time to remove the layers of conformity and peel back the masks we’ve created and discover once again our authentic selves. Who cares what people think when you dance down the street? Or when you’re 35 and you’re jumping in puddles for the sheer fun of it? Who cares if you’re an adult skipping around the park instead of running? (Skipping by the way is the quickest way I know to get happy – it’s impossible to skip around and not get deliriously happy and giggly).

Often the things, the people, the places that make us deliriously happy, connect us back into who we really are.

What are you going to do today to connect back into Joy and back into your authentic self?

A Queen is Wise Marianne Williamson Dana Atkin Kinesiology

Monday Mantra:: I focus on what I want

Monday Mantra What I Want

This can be a bit of tricky one. It’s a fine balance between focusing on what isn’t there and focussing on what you want to be there.

I hear it all the time. Here are some examples:

  1. I want a relationship and I’ve been focussing on a relationship (so why I am I still single?)
  2. I want a new, fun job and I’ve been focussing on that but nothing has come yet (and until then I’m stuck in a job I don’t love)
  3. I want to lose 5kg and I’ve been focussing on the dress I want to fit into (and every time I get on those scales, and nothing has changed).

The trick is to find what you want in the future in your current situation. For example:

Invest in a relationship with yourself. Take yourself out on a date. Go out to dinner, take yourself to the movies. But go on your own because you’re developing a relationship with yourself. You could take a journal with you and ask yourself some good “get to know you” questions and write your responses. Get to know YOU.

When you go to work each day, focus on what you actually like about the job, the people, the business. Focus on what that part feels like and let that be your anchor towards what you want.

When you get on the scales after a week of exercise and good food, say to yourself, “This is feedback on how my body feels right now, in this moment of time and I can help it to feel even better”. The idea is that instead of reinforcing the thought and feeling of “Urgh, I haven’t lost any weight”, you’re reinforcing that the body will feel better and that this is only a snapshot of what it feels like now. Then when you notice a reduction in weight, say to yourself on the scales, “Great, the body is feeling better and I can help it to feel even better again.”

If your example is not above, on apiece of paper, write out what you want on the left hand side and then on the right hand side, write the rest of the sentence but….

Eg. I want more money but I keep getting more bills.

Then, work out what the positive outlook is on the “But” section and then, work out how you can make yourself feel like you already have what you want from the “what I want” section.

As always, download and save this Monday Mantra Image to your desktop or phone or print it and pin it somewhere you’ll see it. When you see it, say it. And if you know someone who would also benefit from this mantra, please share it.

Levelling Up

Power Up and Level Up

Many of my students ask me about life as they work through the Kinesiology course. What happens is this: During the course, they work on all their old “stuff” and working on all the old “stuff” helps us release the heaviness from ourselves, and as we release that, we raise ourselves up. We raise our vibration (power up) which means that we level up or upgrade our life. Think of it like Super Mario when he gets one of those mushrooms that makes him invincible. Raising our vibration or levelling up, makes us a little invincible to certain people and situations. Suddenly, it’s like the universe sees that you’re not a vibrational match to those circumstances anymore so you become more aligned with something better. When we don’t actively seek the new, powered up level, that we have kind of known all along or had been considering then the universe conspires to level us up on our behalf.

When this happens, it often feels like things have been stirred up because we haven’t deliberately (consciously) chosen the shift. We go through restructures at work, our family life feels a little off, our friends suddenly feel like they don’t fit in our world anymore. Life feels like it’s happening to us.

I’ve seen students intentionally upgrade. They’ve chosen a new career path while they’re studying, they’ve met the love of their life, they’ve been given great opportunities that they otherwise would not have had. I’ve also seen some split from long-term relationships, be made redundant from work, have friendships naturally dissipate. It’s all part of the upgrade process. If the people around us are working on levelling up too, then the shifts are less pronounced. They feel like little hiccups, not mountains to overcome. And eventually you find that you’ve grown together, not apart. This goes for work, family and social lives.

Next time you’re feeling like your world is being turned upside down, consider this: Are you levelling up?

Monday Mantra:: I Choose New Experiences

Monday Mantra Choose New Experiences

It seems too simple doesn’t it? Change the way you walk to work, change-up your morning routine, run on a new path in order to shift the energy in your life.

When we do the same thing, with the same people, at the same time, on the same day, we become secure in the everyday. And then, after some time, it creeps in. The thought of change becomes scary. Eventually even buttering our toast differently feels wrong and throws out our day.

There are benefits of habits. Discipline is great for achieving goals. But even discipline has room for movement, room for improvement. if we don’t change things up, things get stagnant. We feel stuck in a rut. We hit a plateau with our weight loss, with our training, with our career, sometimes even with life in general.

Now, I’m not talking about radically changing your life or routine. All it takes is small, subtle shifts in everyday things to change your energy and open it up to new opportunities for growth and expansion.

I am the first to admit that I am a creature of habit. I often have to remind myself to walk a different way to work, or change my nutrition (it’s easy to have the same thing for breakfast day in, day out) and sometimes, it takes someone else to say to me “hey, why don’t try that other park for your training run today?” to get me to shift out of my comfort zone. That change in running location meant that I was less focussed on the tired legs and puffing lungs and more into the experience of new surroundings. It was me out of my comfort zone in a whole other way to my fitness comfort zone. It was a beautiful and as a result, I ran faster and further than my previous attempt.

This weekend, I was teaching and normally I would jump in the car and drive across. Because my beloved had the car over the weekend, I needed to catch public transport to the college. It felt like a chore initially but I realised that it gave me some nice “relax time” in the morning, without having to concentrate on anything in particular. I even did a meditation on the train! I arrived at the college relaxed and ready to get into the day ahead. And while I was exhausted at the end of the day, I was still alert when normally I’d feel quite “peopled out” and be ready for some quiet me time.

What’s one small shift you can make today to change the energy of your day?

Here are some simple ideas to get you started:

  • Stir your tea or coffee in the opposite direction
  • Eat your toast from the bottom of the slice up instead of top down
  • Have a shower before breakfast instead of after (or vice versa)
  • Instead of getting a coffee on your way into the office, wait and go grab your coffee at 10am instead.
  • Instead of eating your lunch in the tea room at work, go for a walk and sit in a park.

Write out your routine and choose one thing you can alter to give you a subtle shift in energy.

Then when you’re feeling more brave;

  • Get a bold new hair cut
  • Buy a shirt, scarf or skirt in a colour or style you would not normally buy
  • Wear a different shade of lipstick you wouldn’t normally wear
  • Buy a new cushion for the couch at home (buy one you’d normally not buy, something different to your normal, safe, comfort zone style).

Some of these may seem very simple, yes. But remember that the smallest changes can get you out of your comfort zone little by little and then when opportunities arise where you’d normally turn them down, you’ll already have exercised your “new experiences” muscle and it will feel less scary to accept the invitation.

Lather, rinse, repeat: I choose new experiences.

As always, download and save this Monday Mantra Image to your desktop or phone or print it and pin it somewhere you’ll see it. When you see it, say it. And if you know someone who would also benefit from this mantra, please share it.

When There’s Nothing You Can Do To Help

Angels intercede Dana Atkin Kinesiology

I often have clients come in with this exact issue. They come in and they’re in a situation where they can’t help, or have no choice in the circumstances, or it’s out of their control.

Some things in life are inevitable. Some people just want to run their own course and won’t hear anything anyone has to say. Some people will only ever take the advice of one trusted source and are deaf to any other ideas.

It can be hard to watch someone go through life changing processes and situations especially when they’re not open to hearing new ways of dealing
with the issues at hand or are adamant that they don’t need help. Beyond being an open heart and ear to listen as they need it, what else can you do to help?

Here’s what I do. I ask the angels to talk to them, to give them guidance and clear signs to the right path that will help through the space they’re in so that they can come out the other side in the best way and shape possible for their highest good.

This works because you feel like you’re helping and you get to do this anonymously without putting your open talks at risk. You get to still be there to listen as a non-judgemental ally, not someone who is telling them how they should be doing things which people get plenty of already. You know that however they choose to get through this phase, it is in their highest good, because that’s what you’ve asked for (sometimes, people need to take the toughest road through these situations because there’s a golden lesson in it for them that will be truly life changing in a positive way).

So next time you feel like there’s nothing you can do to help, ask the angels to intercede on your behalf and allow them to weave their magic.

Monday Mantra:: I Pay Attention to All My Senses

Monday Mantra Attention to my senses

Sight, Taste, Touch, Sound, Smell. We use them daily. But how often do you actually pay attention to all of them?

I recently took on some focus on these senses and was amazed at some of the things in daily life I tuned out. I think sound was the most profound one of all of the senses for me. I realised that I was probably only paying attention to maybe 60% of the sounds I could hear in any one day.

The thing here is that we do actually need to tune these out in order to focus on specific tasks. But sometimes, these senses can be our best ally. If we’re able to take moments throughout our day and tune in to all of these things, we’re better equipped to really understand what’s going on around us, to really be appreciative of what we have and to really savour moments in all dimensions of our our senses.

Today, every time you stop to have a coffee or a cup of tea, pause.

Listen to the kettle boiling or the steam wand whooshing.
Listen to the clink of the tea spoon as you stir in sugar or milk.
Look at it. The colour, the smoothness of the texture, or the bubbly texture of a cappuccino.
Smell the tea or coffee. Breathe it in.
When you take a sip, taste it. Really taste it.
Then, expand that further between sips.
What taste lingers?
What else can you hear around you?
What else can you see?
What else can you smell?
Return to your cuppa and begin again.

This exercise allows you to focus on a specific sense around a specific topic and then it allows you to open that up and take everything in then brings the focus back to one topic again.

As always, download and save this Monday Mantra Image to your desktop or phone or print it and pin it somewhere you’ll see it. When you see it, say it. And if you know someone who would also benefit from this mantra, please share it.