All of creation is a frequency.

Which Means that the baby you desire is a frequency shift away.

Hi, I’m Dana. Mother of five, one earth side. I never really wanted children until I did. And then instead of the romantic, magical notion I had of easily falling pregnant and announcing to surprised friends and family, I went on a 4 and half year trudge through the joy of conception through to the heartbreak of miscarriages and the pure despair of having to terminate a pregnancy due to issues with bub. When there was no medical reason why I couldn’t carry a baby to term, we turned to medicated cycles, IUIs and eventually IVF. And then, on our very last transfer of our very last embryo, we got our sweet baby boy.

Here’s one of things I learnt on my path to motherhood that I know for certain helped me bring our boy into this world: it’s easy to give away your power to doctors and numbers and friends and family who think they know better. It’s easy to give away your power for the dream of holding your baby in your arms. BUT its more fun and more magical if you harness your power and allow it to fuel the dream instead of handing it all over.

This is why we feel like it’s all out of our control through out the whole process of trying for a baby – of course it is. We gave all our power away!

By claiming back my power and plugging it back into myself, I found myself waaaay more relaxed in that last embryo transfer process and the result was our gorgeous baby boy.

Call your power back.

The Mumma Codes
A co-creative path to motherhood that helps you claim your power and your calm back while trying to conceive.
Coming soon.

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