Welcome Dream Chaser

I’m Dana and I help people chase their dreams! I help them define their dreams, harness their skills and talents and then I help them pave their way to success. We work together to eliminate all conscious and subconscious blocks that might be holding them backs that they can become dream catchers in their own right.
Yes – It’s possible.

I’ve helped so many people get un-stuck, out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary.

I’m a Kinesiologist and Reiki practitioner who has a passion for people, a creative flair, an intuitive side and a deep love of coffee.

My background is in marketing and design and to be honest, this is where I first noticed that I had a knack of drawing people to me. Whenever someone needed to “download” they’d come and chat to me. And looking back now, I think this may have been the reason I went looking for Kinesiology. And as it turns out, every other role I have undertaken since has seen me in a position where people naturally come to me for a chat about office politics and their frustrations with other team members, procedures, projects and life in general.

I knew I was meant to be doing something more and Kinesiology has answered that calling for me. I love helping people work through blocks that are holding them back from achieving their highest potential – A facilitator of positive change.

Kinesiology Hawthorn | Kinesiology Melbourne | Kinesiology Mitcham
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Are you ready to chase your dream? Book a session with me now and we’ll work together towards catching your dream. 

me with one of my beloved coffee's

me with one of my beloved coffee’s

Dana Atkin
Diploma in Kinesiology
Level II Reiki Practitioner




Kinesiology Mitcham  |  Kinesiology Melbourne  |  Kinesiology Hawthorn  |  Kinesiology Eastern Suburbs  |  Kinesiology Melbourne CBD

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